you know what i like about this blogging bit? the types of blogs out there are limitless. you can literally find fantastic blogs on most anything on the daily. 

correct me if i'm wrong, but blogs seems to be a bit clique-esque. as in…the same types of blogs tend to stick with one another. 

this makes perfect sense because you've probably found something in common with the blogs you read. either that, or the blog is undeniably fantastic. eh-hum…september farm, anyone?

well…i'm pleased to bring to you a blog that covers topics far more important than anything i have yet to write about. (maybe it's something i should consider?)

a fresh start on a budget is just that blog. i mean…just have a look at 10 things she wants her daughter to know. it's the exact list i think each of us should read and re-read. this is important stuff, people.
and how darling is this little gal of her's? what i wouldn't do for that glowing, youthful coloring and skin. (was that creepy? pretty creepy. but her daughter is just so cute.)

not to mention that they totally look like they have the best time as a family. like…a family that truly truly enjoys spending some quality time together. plus her husband and she were high school sweethearts. i still find this incredibly romantic. 
the bit i find the most amazing? karissa suffered a stroke when her daughter was about six years old. she spent a month in the hospital. having a daughter of my own, i can only imagine the strength and determination it must have taken to recover. but guess what? she did! she writes about her journey here. talk about one strong gal. 

another post you should check…her trip to her first blog conference. i don't know how she did it. i would be an absolute nervous wreck. lots and lots of sweating from my armpits. but she did! after reading this post, i do have a new resolve to seek out a blog conference. i mean…the networking alone is priceless. does anyone know if they serve adult beverages at those things? i'd never be able to relax enough to enjoy myself. 

in hindsight…i probably should have had a few drinks before i went on stage for my pageant. i digress…

go show our gal karissa some love. she's pretty fantastic and i am thrilled to her have her on the blog this month!