a special treat is in store for you fine folk today. i say a "special treat" because what you're about to feast your eyes on is some serious talent. 

not only that, but it's something you would never normally see on these pages…seeing as how i have about zero artistic ability. 

so when the very, most extremely, most talented jane heinrichs contacted me, i was pretty excited to get my braggy pants on. 
jane is an illustrator. she lives a life 100% completely opposite of mine, but when i pop over to her blog, you can't help but be transported into her beautiful pictures and stories. 

speaking of beautiful pictures, jane hosts a linkup called one picture, three stories. basically, you choose a picture and tell three stories that go along with it. uh…exactly like it sounds. i guess that didn't need an explanation. 

does this strike you fancy? check it out. 

oh…and should you need a moment to get inspired…she'll help you with that as well. just check out her super snappy post on unleashing your inner creativity. i can't stress enough just how incredibly talented she is. i pine for this kind of talent. when skills were being handed out to all the babies…i was given baldness and endless appetite. jane was given an eye for whimsy, enchantment, storytelling, wanderlust…i could go on. 

jane…stop me now if these are not descriptors you would use...

well, have you fallen in love yet? i thought so. continue to show that love and check out jane's etsy shop. girlfriend has some serious goodies in there for you. not only that, but she's giving September FARM readers a discount. use code MAGIC10.
other places you can find jane? twitter + Facebook 

let's all give jane a huge thank you for sharing her talents with us. 

jane - you truly are a lovely artist. thank you for making September FARM that much prettier.