it's no secret to my friends and family. i'm downright obsessed with growing my blog. so much so that i wrote a scathing post (that i never posted) about how angry i was at big bloggers who were saying that they were "blogging to blog" and that they needed to "stop looking at their stats."

while that's just fine for them, and i'm sure it's true to a certain extent, i'm just not there yet in my blogging career. yes. i just accidentally called my blogging aspirations a career. that might be as shameful as that one time i was in a pageant. anyway…
i wrote a post a bit ago about an idea that i had to blow up your blog. i was convinced you needed one ingredient…and i still know it couldn't hurt. get yourself/blog a celebrity backer. all you have to do is gently stalk your celebrity of choice via twitter, instagram, restaurant, etc. eventually they'll have to show you some social media love. just ask erin from LIY.

fast forward a few months...recently i had another idea. as in…just about five minutes ago. what if you became best friends with several of the big bloggers in our little blogging world? i mean…they are practically little celebrities in their own right. can you imagine the free shout-outs and social media lovey-love you would get?

i would recommend picking several types of bloggers because different blogs attract a different audience.
yoga pants could help you tap into the texas, free spirit, wild, cocktail-drinking crowd.
sydney's daybook could encourage love from all over the country, really. mormons, moms, fashionistas, top-knot wearers…and maybe even five or six people from idaho...because that's where she's from. but seriously…i thought maybe sydney and i could be friends since we're both from this rarely heard-from state. no love, people. no. love.
maybe you love sports? or maybe you just think those professional athletes are pretty fine? well then maybe you should be besties with venus trapped in mars. girlfriend has the sports-world dialed in.

so i'm probably going to work on getting these gals to fall in love with me. i mean…everyone needs a friend in idaho.

they should know that i like to eat. i like to vacation. i like cocktails. and that i have a sweating problem.

it's where friendship starts, people. it's where friendship starts.

who might you be blogging besties with?