i have been having the most insane dreams as of late.

about a week ago i had a dream my sister, dad and i went to hawaii.

we jumped on one of those little pontoon boats and took off out into the ocean blue.

my sister is a dare-devil and a bit of a free spirit and leapt right off the boat into the deep waters. after about a minute i started to panic because i could see a killer whale swimming up from the depths. my sister was going to get her legs eaten, i just knew it.

i started screaming and yelling for her to swim back to the boat. she got there in the nick of time and i pulled her in as the killer whale breached and slapped back into the water.

i have watched blackfish way too many times.

dream #2 was about my college roommate.

we had a bit of a falling out after graduation. it was all a really weird situation. i was moving to the big city. she was staying in the apartment. i'm still not exactly positive what happened. actually, i have zero clue what happened. we were great friends. then she wrote me an absolutely crazy letter and we were no longer friends.
as life goes after almost 10 years we've both married and both had babies.

i had a dream that i went to visit her in this tiny tiny town in idaho where she was living.

i saw her home. i saw her baby. she was making dinner…that was the end of the dream.

the truth? i'm nearly positive she doesn't even live in the state of idaho. i also haven't spoken to her in nearly 10 years so why have a dream? i hate that.

but can we take a moment to talk about that picture? we were headed out to celebrate our 21st birthdays. yes…in matchy shirts.

and yes…i was about 20 pounds heavier in this picture. i thought i had a license to eat and drink whatever i wanted in college + i never worked out. that was a tough lesson to learn. yikes.

conclusion? i need to let this one go.

dream #3.

i'm positive there was a dream #3, but when i sat down to write i 100% could not remember what it was about? does that happen to anyone else?

"i had the craziest dream last night…" and then zero recall. that's annoying.

final thought? watch blackfish if you haven't. it's fantastic. and sad. but really good.