1 | baby food

sometimes all the time, kaye will drop her food on the floor. rather than pick it up and throw it away, i pick it up and eat it. what's wrong with me?

2 | snot

with cold season hitting us hard this winter our turtle has had a non-stop runny nose. it's been more than a little disgusting. i have seven boxes of kleenex stationed around the house (and two in my car) strategically so that i don't miss a single drip. unfortunately, sometimes they are just out of reach. guess where that snot goes?

no. you're disgusting. i don't eat it. i wipe it on my hand and then wipe my hand somewhere on her clothing. i'm certainly not going to wipe it on my clothes.

3 | cooking

i have to do all our dishes by hand because of our hard water issue. sometimes…i just don't feel like washing them so they'll pull double duty.

take today for example. i used the same pan to cook pancakes for breakfast and then later brown the sausage for our soup.

or i'll make scrambled eggs and later use that same pan to sauté veggies. it's kind of gross.

4 | weird quirk

i absolutely, 100% cannot walk on cement barefoot, unless it has some texture to it. then it's totally fine. but if it's smooth…it literally makes me gag.

5 | shoplifting

i have more than once made it out of the grocery store with unpaid milk, soda, paint…really anything you might put on the bottom of the cart. i've even loaded it into my car and driven all the way home (35 minutes) still not realizing i've shoplifted.

i guess it's the honest face and a baby that allows me out of the store.

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