1 | first of all…thank you so so much for the rock star response and willingness to participate in a new series i'm starting called Saturday Confessional with September F A R M.

it's basically a chance for you to guest post and spill your unforgettable, most embarrassing, most noteworthy stories with September  F A R M readers. if you're wondering what type of story that might be, check out some of these:

if you would like to get in on this action, shoot me an e-mail!

2 | blog tip from me to you // i need to get something off my chest. there is something that drives me loco when i'm reading other blogs. sometimes blogs take forever to load. a simple, super quick fix to this is RESIZE your pictures. just open your photos in whatever photo editor you use. (on a mac it's called preview.) head up to the toolbar, click resize, and change your pictures in pixels to the width of your blog. for me i always use 550 px. that way all your pictures will be super fast-loading and people named karli bell will be super happy.
3 | did you guys happen to see that my gal is a gymnastics star? check it out.

4 | was anybody else totally bummed about last weeks 5 on friday? nothing made me feel more lame than when i was explaining to my husband that the linkup wasn't working or when he asked me later if i was able to link up and i expressed more disappointment and then realized he was making fun of me. 

as i sit here on thursday night…i have it on good faith that tomorrow morning things will be ship shape and my friday won't be totally blown. kidding. kind of.
5 | as always…i'm doing a little discount for my ad spaces for all you 5 on friday-ers…or anyone else who randomly pops across the blog today. click HERE and type in the code 5FRIDAY as you're checking out for 30% off all ad spaces!

it's going to work this week...