i knew it. i knew when my turtle started walking at nine months she was going to be an absolute star. she may not talk, but girlfriend can move.

(she can say "eye" and then poke you in your eye…so there's that.)

you may remember when i posted about how kaye was a terrible gymnast and i was the mom who had to remove her child from the premises because of the raging tantrum being thrown…i may be prematurely tooting my horn, but…

*toot toot* 
my gal is a star. (and i'm no longer the mom wrestling her child and sweating/cursing trying to get her to jump on the freaking trampoline. it's a trampoline for god's sake…jump on it. lay on it. fall off it. do anything but cry.)

i mean…just check her out. she can totally hang from the bar for five seconds. no. big. deal.
pointed toes? you bet. it's all about presentation and the details.
and crawl through a tunnel…she's got that nailed to the wall too.
a trampoline obstacle? ain't no thang. girlfriend was born to jump. maybe she'll even be one of those olympic trampoline jumpers?
and if it's a part of the synchronized team? well…i don't think you can get much better than that.
but i do believe the very best part was seeing that she can actually sit still and listen to directions. i didn't even have to physically restrain her this week. it darn near brought a sweet tear to my eye.
or maybe the best part was when she immediately fell asleep for the hour long car ride home.

45 minutes of intense gymnastics training will wipe you out. i know this because i'm exhausted.
turtle - you and i are going to make a fantastic team. you bring the sassy attitude to your floor routine and i'll be the stage mom from hell. we've got this covered.