well kids. it's darn near may which then brings us to june…and if you live near the surface of the sun like we do it'll reach the 100's this summer.

one must be prepared.

there are the essentials | deodorant, a semi-regular wax job, sunscreen, and air conditioning. it's a dry heat here. feels like you're baking right in an oven. AC is where it's at.

then there are the wants…and i have compiled a list.

1 | a solid pair of cut-offs. i bought a pair of white cut-offs a few summers ago and i can't get enough of them. it's no secret that i'm 30 and i love me a pair of short shorts. throw in a pair of cowboy boots and you're in bizz. i even rocked that look for my maternity pictures with kaye.
no, they aren't maternity. i had no business being in these shorts at 34 weeks pregnant.
but i have yet to find a pair of cut-offs in just a simple blue wash that don't look like mom-shorts. i don't have time for mom-shorts. i'm walking a fine line of feeling old and hanging onto my youth.

recommendations welcome.

2 | sunglasses. i need a new pair of sunglasses, like, yesterday. i love the way ray ban shades look on other people so i ordered myself a pair last week. sh*t-tastic is a great way to describe what i saw in the mirror.
i have a small face (the only small thing on my body) so finding a pair the doesn't drown me is going to be key.

i'm going to give ray ban one more go. they have some shades out that are supposedly smaller than the originals. we shall see.

3 | sunless tanner. let's rewind about five years when i spent 30% of my life in a tanning bed. i cry at the thought of what my skin could look like had i NOT been obsessed with that perfect glow.
i picked up some l'oreal sublime bronze self-tanning towelettes yesterday and i'm excited to try them out. they received good reviews and will hopefully keep me from blinding the public when i'm in my super short shorts.

4 | garden-fresh tomatoes + herbs. i know. i'm dreaming. i'm 95% positive i won't have a garden again this year. mostly because…i'm married to a farmer and while he can grow corn like it's his job…literally, it's his job…i lack motivation. if i did have a garden…i would do raised beds in troughs…something like the below. but luckily i have a gal-pal who's planting a garden bigger than most people's lawns. i'll just sneak over there when they're at church.
5 | bikini. there…i said it. i need a new bikini top asap. well…i actually need new boobs, but until that happens, i'll settle for a new top.

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