i have a fun Q + A on the blog here today.

when i read the answers to these Q + A's i find myself smiling ear to ear because they are just so darn funny and give you a unique, little look into their personalities.

definitely a different look than what you might get from just a regular guest post or something else lame written up by me.

it makes me want to do a Q + A, but i've never received an e-mails from anyone just dying to know about a farmer's wife or what it's like mothering a turtle. what gives, guys?

i'll give you one more chance to prove your…love? or whatever. have any random questions for me? i'm an open book.

why do i cook so much canned food? what's it like living in a town without a gas station? can i drive a tractor? why don't i shower on a regular basis? ask away…e-mail me.

ummm, hello self-involved…i'm a big jerk. let's get back to caroline from perpetually caroline.
caroline - hi. i love your blog. not to mention the new design. remember that terribly inappropriate conversation about paul rudd we had? the one where i said i would…ummm…never mind. that brings me to my first question.

KARLI | have you ever met a celebrity?

CAROLINE | when i was in middle school i went to china. i ran into one of my FAVORITE chinese soap opera actresses shooting a TV series. i took a picture with her and she was perfection, ethereal, fairy-like peach. and there i was at the peak of my awkwardness - sweaty face, terrible hair, pizza-faced, with my bra line showing. maw. duhl. model.

KARLI | girlfriend…there's a bright side. look how far you've come! you are gorge. now. gorgeous.

so…we both share a pretty deep passion for harry potter. if you could marry a harry potter character, which one and why?

CAROLINE | i would want sirius black, james potter, and remus lupin to brother-husband it up. and maybe lily evans too. she'd probably wear the pants in our crazy family.

KARLI | you're brilliant. i never even thought of that. and while remus lupin is a stretch, i can appreciate your creativity. let's replace remus with neville longbottom. that guy actually turned out to be a hottie.

what's the most expensive purchase to date? was it worth it?

CAROLINE | on my parents' dime, i've gotta say my education. with my own pennies, it's probably train and plane rides around europe. or tory burch boots. one of these things was more worth it than the others, and i won't say it wasn't the boots.
KARLI | yeah…europe is cray expensive. especially for an idaho girl. but you know what…i bet you look smokin' every time you put those boots on. worth it.

where do you see yourself in five years?

CAROLINE | four years away from thirty, flirty, and thriving.

KARLI | excellent answer. live it up girl…and make out lots. i think that's what i regret about my single days. i should have made out with more boys. those were the days… *sigh*

what's your most favorite post you've ever written?

CAROLINE | piggy-backing on the harry potter question, i wrote a guide to visiting the wizarding world of harry potter, and i love it because it was the third best day of my life (the first best day was when i got into college, and the second i'm reserving for the day i meet mindy kaling because it will happen.)

KARLI | i have high hopes kaye will share my harry potter passion and i'll get to take her there one day. if not…i'll go it alone when i'm in my mid-30's and look extra creepy.

have you ever been in a girl fight?

CAROLINE | i'm just going to put it out there…even a single day in my seventh and and eighth grade life was more dramatic than my entire three years of college so far. i don't know if that's sad, embarrassing, or both?

KARLI | i'll be writing you an e-mail for at least one dramatic seventh grade story. i was so oblivious back then. i bet people talked about what i nerd i was and i just thought everybody was my friend. rose-colored glasses.

last question…then you're off the hook. tell us about your most embarrassing moment.
CAROLINE | when i found out kate middleton was pregnant i was at breakfast, surrounded by super hot swimmers. i started screaming, hyperventilating, and dropping plates. when jennifer lawrence won her oscar, someone asked my friend if i needed an ambulance.

KARLI | you know what…i think it's awesome that you can express yourself whole-heartedly. get it girl.

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