here are the facts.

1. we live on a farm and it's rare if kaye and i see anyone but our farmer on a regular basis.

2. maybe sometimes kaye and i stay in our pajamas…or something that looks oddly like pajamas (but i'm claiming are not pajamas)…at least two three four many times a week.

3. fact - i have some lovely clothing rotting away in my closet.

4. fact - so does kaye. the $$ i've spent on her clothing that doesn't get "ooo'd and aaah'd" makes me cringe. don't tell my farmer…though i'm sure he has a pretty good idea.
let me get to my point.

when kaye and i went to california the weather was stunning. 70 - 80º every day with little to no breeze. count me in.

you can see kaye wasn't used to the warm weather from her sweaty forehead and flushed cheeks.

a stark contrast to the 55º and wind gusts up to 60 mph on the farm.

it's safe to say that if kaye wasn't napping we were outside. and since we were outside we were around people all the time.

people at the park. people at the coffee shop. people at lunch. people on campus. (both my brother-in-law and sister work at chico state.)
we had to look good! i'm talking hair done and matching clothes. which is about 100% more than what we do to get ready on the farm.

above kaye is sporting her easter outfit. while some people take a more relaxed approach, (read: the shortest shorts i've ever seen on a man…must be a california thing.) kaye wanted to be in a dress, complete with matching sandals…and enjoy a rousing game of darts.
i guess we'll have to head back to california if we ever want to get any good use out of the clothes we have…either that or purchase a second home in a more habitable locale.

first world problems, people. first. world. problems.