morning. afternoon. good evening.

it's wednesday (already) which means two things:

#1. it's my day off. farmer's mom is taking turtle for the day and i'm headed to the big city to do…whatever i want. (read - pick out a king mattress. mail a package. sit in my car and revel in the silence. grocery shop by myself.) oh…and i get to have dinner with my very best gals on a 70ยบ day on the patio on one of my favorite restaurants. i've been looking forward to this since last week.


#2. today is the day i feature a new, wonderful, smokin' hot gal who's taking over September FARM today!

we have jennifer here, and for not living on a farm girlfriend knows her farm living: no people. no makeup. no grocery store. it's like she grew up in our tiny town.

go jennifer go!

hello september farm readers!  i'm jennifer and i blog over at bubbly and buttercream.  i usually write complete randomness about baking, working out, the five billion things i try to cram into my day, or just my everyday life in the big city of dallas.


dallas out my car window.

one of the things that first caught my attention on karli's blog was the fact that she lives on a farm.  growing up, i always thought i'd be great at the farm life.  i also thought i'd make all my own food and raise home-schooled farmer's children.  obviously i read too much "little house on the prairie."  my grandparents are farmers and every summer when we'd visit, i thought it was the coolest thing ever.  you can see for miles.  there's no traffic.  plus, i look great in cowboy boots and shorts.

but the more i think about it, the more i realize i'd be terrible at it.  and here's why.

i love making lists.  sorry in advance.

one.  you have to wake up before the sun.  and pretty much go to bed with the sun because you get up so ridiculously early.  i'm a morning person, but i'm not great at the whole "going to bed at a reasonable time" thing.

two.  all that early to bed early to rise nonsense means dinner time is at like 5:00 or 6:00.  my normal dinner time?  whatever time my favorite show that night comes on.  usually 8:00.

three.  you can't just "run to the corner" when you forgot milk.  or butter.  or powdered sugar.  or toilet paper.  or whatever essential item you forgot at your previous three trips to kroger this week.  the store is FAR.  starbucks is FAR.

four.  you have to know directions.  there aren't nearly as many street signs out in the country.  you need your north, south, east, and west.  and you can't just use a post it note like i do working on plans.  i'd get lost on day one.  and day two.  and even day eighty-three.

five.  you don't see as many people on a daily basis.  i think i'd like this some days, but then, when i bake cupcakes on a random tuesday, who would eat them?  and what motivation would i ever have to dress cute or fix my hair?

six.  dirt.  mud.  bugs.  snakes.  critters.  all of the above.

so needless to say, i think i'll be sticking to my city life... but stop by and say hi sometime!

and of course, a big thank you to karli for letting me take over today!
you're very very welcome, jennifer! THANK YOU for taking over my blog today and saving me from having to think of something to bore people with since i ave no new DIY's or recipes to blog about. maybe i'll get inspired next week. 

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