can we talk about something pretty serious? and when i say serious…i mean rats. 

i have a pretty intense loathing for anything that scampers and leaves tiny poops in your pantry. you may remember me briefly mentioning our mouse epidemic of 2012. i was pregnant and we had just moved into our house on the hill. i think we killed 14 mice in less than a week. i thought we were in the beginnings of the apocalypse. 

anyway…it seems we now have a bit of a rat epidemic. i now know two people (girls nonetheless) who used to be pet rat owners. dear god. 

yes friends…today i bring you maddie who, dare i say, used to be a rat caretaker. read our Q + A. you'll laugh out loud. just like i did.
KARLI | if someone were to be jealous of you, what would be the reason?

MADDIE | i have been asked multiple times if i'm of asian descent. i'm always flattered because i think asian people are some of the most beautiful, of which i'm jealous. so, if people think i look asian there's bound to be someone jealous of that. 

KARLI | girlfriend. you've got that right. i think it's the beautiful complexion and amazing hair i always find myself lusting after. next question!

what annoys you the very very most about your hubs?

MADDIE | i tried to be a good wife and think of one of those things that is annoying but is also a strength at the same time, but the first thing that came to mind was when he uses my laptop and leaves it plugged in all day/night. i just can't think of how that could be a good thing. 

KARLI | you're right. it's a bad thing. i heard it ka-ills your battery life. so…be annoyed. you're justified. next question!

where do you see yourself in five years?

MADDIE | where do i hope to be or where will i actually be? i wish i could end up with my little family near an ocean living the simple life and taking too many pictures. but we'll most likely be wherever jon ends up for his residency (maybe it will be by an ocean, fingers crossed!!) and hopefully have a little babe or two runnin' around. 

KARLI | if you could be on a reality tv show, which one and why?

MADDIE | cake boss. 1. because, cake. duh. 2. because i'm the worst when it comes to details so i admire people who have the patience to create masterpieces out of cake. 

KARLI | have you ever been in a girl fight? (verbally, physically, emotionally)?

MADDIE | the only time i can remember getting in anything resembling a physical fight was in elementary school. it was with a girl named malena who was twice my size and always bullied me for no reason i knew of. (i found out later she liked a boy that liked me.) one day she came up and literally tackled me. i remember looking at her face that was inches from mine and she had mayonnaise on her lip, so naturally i yelled, "you have mayonnaise on your face!" so she started choking me. so i punched her. she left me alone after that. oh, and also, verbal and emotional fights? totally, just none that stand out at the moment. 

KARLI | i hope with all that is good and holy that one day you'll remember a standout verbal fight and post about it. i'll be eagerly waiting.

tell us an embarrassing story por favor.

MADDIE | i was actually just telling my coworkers my embarrassing stories the other day, and this is one of my favorites:

when i was in 7th grade (which is already awkward to begin with) i had two rats named lucy and frodo. they had babies, and then they had babies AGAIN. so, on the first day of 7th grade, our teacher mr. andersen, who was known for being the coolest in the school, asked us each to say our name and something unique about ourselves. most kids said something super cool and not totally weird like, "i have a black belt!" or "i scuba dive!" when it got to me i said, "my name is maddie and i like to breed rats." mr. andersen said, "um, what was that?" so i said it louder and added, "i have 16." some girl (trying to be nice) was like, "oh! you have a niece?" and i said, "NO, i have 16 rats." she was like, "…oh." everyone got quiet and mr. andersen said, "OKAYYYY next person." even though it cracks me up, i still don't know what i was thinking. also, rats disgust me now, so there ya go.

KARLI | really? 16 rats? you have to share what you did with all those rats. did they have more babies? did the brothers and sisters start making babies together? so many questions…

biggest life accomplishment to date…go.

MADDIE | giving birth to my baby boy. he only lived a few days, but i'm so proud to be his mom. also, if i could get a celebrity to retweet one of my tweets, that would probably be the second biggest accomplishment…kidding! (sort of.) 
isn't maddie just the best? you're in love? i knew it. anyone that cares for rats is totally lovable. 

maddie wanted to say a few words…

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