short and sweet today, kids.

i was supposed to post something for minted today. i had a plan. i had it scheduled. the post is 95% written…but i just don't want to. 

and you know what…the harder i work at this blogging bit…the more i don't want to do it altogether.

but at the same time i want to. i want to because i love reading your comments. 

i love knowing that even though i'm out here on the farm, pretty secluded, i can still have a quasi-conversation about something that is interesting to me at that moment or complain about how kaye had a total freak out at gymnastics this morning.
no really. complete meltdown, freak the eff-word out. no more starbucks hot chocolate for her before class. 
sugar apparently = the devil.

so…maybe that's why i'm feeling negative nancy. kaye can pretty much make or break my day. 

kaye is in a good mood? mom is in a good mood.

kaye is in a b-face mood? mom is going to be a b-face…to everyone. 

she's napping now. i told my farmer that if he comes home at 5 pm and she's still in her crib…that means i left her there. 

don't call CPS just yet. i'd never ever do that. but at about 10 am this morning when the other moms were looking at me with pity…i could read right through them. they were saying with their eyes, "get it together. i didn't come her to listen to someone's kid throw a bi*ch-fit."

i hear ya sister. i wouldn't want to listen to your kid either. 

the cherry on top? we have a flight to chico, CA tomorrow. that should be super fun with the way kaye's attitude has shaped up lately. 

send your well-wishes my way. the passengers on the plane are going to need it. 


sometimes we have intense cuddle sessions where she can't possibly cuddle any harder and i think all is right with the world. i'll survive.