if you recall my post from friday, we know my farmer has been working like nobody's bizz and didn't really have a chance to plan anything for mother's day.

no worries folks. i knew this was going to happen. it's corn-planting season.

so i took the liberty of snapping together a little mother's day brunch for some good friends and it was an absolute treat.

while i was organizing all the yummies, farmer took our turtle to the store to pick up some last minute supplies…which was a gift in and of itself. i accomplished a lot in that hour…and so did turtle.

she talked our farmer into a gift of her own. girlfriend loves a ball.
but back to the food and beverage…

quiche, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit salad and muffins…count me in. the mimosa bar also deserves a little shootout.
i'd love to say i was able to capture all the laughs of watching kaye and our friend's little boy play together or at least get a group shot, but let's face it…when friends come over, the camera gets put down and is never thought of again…until i realize that i'm going to write a blog post about friends i have zero pictures of. eh. i'm not too concerned.

scratch that, i did capture one little photo of their sweet boy (who really is ridiculously sweet). it was safe to say kaye was smitten. so was i.
in the meantime…get your drool on. i'm strongly considering hosting mimosa brunch every weekend. 
ps. i did a little mother's day edition of saturday confessional. if you missed it click here and get yourself entered to win a $20 starbucks gift card. uh yum.