i have a treat for you fine folk today and it comes in the form of brooke from blissful blonde.
Blissful Blonde
at a glance...several immediate reasons i'm jealous of brooke -
  1. that i didn't think of blissful blonde for the title of my blog. i mean…i'm practically a natural blonde. practically. 
  2. girlfriend is gorgeous. and her main main (goes by P.) isn't terrible on the eyes either. (it's totally cool i say those things. my farmer doesn't read this garbage i write.) 
  3. brooke clearly has amazing luck. she totally won the lottery
so i had a chance to ask brooke a few questions and i just adore her that much more. what a doll. what a kind heart. what great taste. girlfriend has style, plus she likes pizza and cocktails. right up my alley. 

KARLI | so brooke…you like pizza and cocktails and your boyfriend. which of those three things do you like the most? scratch that, that's an unfair question…let's try again. 

what does a typical friday or saturday night look like for you? or maybe just the weekend in general?

BROOKE | back in the day, when i was young (aka - last summer), you could find me in the bars on both nights. however, i can no longer rally like i used to and am completely out of commission the next day. so now, you can find me on the couch one night watching a ridiculous amount of netflix and maybe out with friends the other night…but probably still on the couch.

KARLI | you're speaking my language. i've never been a two day drinker. throw in a 20 piece chicken mcnugget and a blizzard and you're looking at me + 20 pounds in college. ouch. 

are you a natural blonde? i'm most certainly not, no matter how hard i try. i'll claim it until the cows come home.)

BROOKE | i am a natural dirty blonde. when i was a toddler, i was a bleach blonde. i rocked it. i also rocked the bowl cut my mother insisted i have. actually, i looked shockingly similar to my boyfriend when he was a pre-teen. thanks, mom? anyway, my hair got darker as i got older and i wanted it to be more blonde, less dirty. the first time i dyed my hair it was my senior year in college. once you start, you can't stop (trust me, i tried) so here we are today, way overdue for a root touch up. 
KARLI | girlfriend…you with that cut, have you considered bringing that back? if kaye ever gets hair i'll most definitely be shaping her locks in that glorious bowl cut. i'm in love. 

why do you blog? who is your very most favorite most prettiest blogger?

BROOKE | i started blogging because i wanted a way to document things that happen in my life. i tried writing in journals ever since i was in middle school but never could write more than four journal entries at a time before i went on a six month hiatus. the same thing happened when i started my blog back in july 2012. then i started my current job and realized i had a ton of free time from 9 - 5 in front of the computer ever day so i started blogging again to pass the time. as it turns out, i actually kind of love it. 

and my favorite blogger is you, duh! 

KARLI | as much as i would love to think i'm someone's favorite blogger…well…it's just fine that i'm not. because guess what, i'm my most favorite blogger. back to that self-esteem issue i have…

word on the street has it you've started your very own etsy shop. i think we would all love to hear a bit more about that, por favor…

BROOKE | when my sister and i were in middle school we somehow started making earrings. i don't even know where the idea came. we had so much fun doing it and wearing/gifting our creations. then she went to high school and became too good for me and our business, so it fizzled.

well, remember when i said i had a lot of free time at work? i needed a hobby - one that i could do at a desk. i remembered how much i enjoyed making jewelry so i looked into starting up again. i'm a huge "stack" girl - you know…when you wear a watch and lots of bracelets? it was a no-brainer. i began my quest - making simple, yet unique bracelets that you can dress up for nights out, dress down for casual looks, or stack a mile high. as you can see, i like to wear mine stacked. you can read more about the meaning behind the name of my shop (linbrooke) here
KARLI | so cute. when i see creative, talented gals like you it makes me wonder where i went wrong? how did i miss out on the style-memo?

it looks like you've got yourself quite the main man. tell us a bit about him…

BROOKE | ahhh, that guy. P and i met at clemson. he was a sophomore when i was a freshman. we didn't meet until the beginning of my junior year because he studied abroad for a year and a half. isn't he so cool? anyway, we immediately became inseparable…as friends. (i had actually been talking to his grand-little in his fraternity, but that didn't last…obviously.) 
over christmas break that year i came to charleston to visit my roommate and hung out with P while i was there. he took me to his grandparent's beach house on sullivan's. we took a drive in his grandfather's old-timey car, rode bikes to the park, took the golf cart to the local deli, ate lunch at fort moultrie, and ended the night on the porch of the beach house looking at the stars and chatting about life. this sounds like it came out of a nicholas sparks novel, am i right? i'm not lying…it actually happened. the rest is history. 

KARLI | awwww…that sounds absolutely romantic and wonderful and a lot different from my farmer courting me during tractor rides. hmmm…moving on. 

you come from a family of good-lookingness. that's not a question, just an observation. 

BROOKE | aren't you a peach! surprisingly, i actually didn't have anything to do with this one. all i can say is i'm glad my mom asked her neighbor for sugar that one, fateful day…and then decided NOT to marry the other guy. true story!
KARLI | brooke! you're the cutest! i'm just thrilled to bring you and your talents to September FARM! i'm especially excited to share your shop info!

guys…get excited! brooke has two rock star offers for September FARM readers today…should her goodies strike your fancy, which i'm sure they will…

step 1 | visit her etsy shop, linbrooke.

step 2 | oooo and ahhh over her goods and pick out your faves. 

step 3 | enter the code FARM15 to get a 15% discount! yay!

other places to check out linbrooke - instagram + twitter

last bit of info…i swear - brooke would also like to offer you guys 20% off any ad spot of your choosing for a little sponsor love over at blissful blonde! use code FARM20. check it out!

thank you thank you brooke for taking the time to play q + a with September FARM!

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