okay. i'll be the first to say that my house isn't sparkling clean.

but you know what it is? clean. i'm a clean person. dishes every day. floors at least twice a week. i get down on my hands and knees and polish that glorious wood. laundry on a schedule.

i even physically clean my washing machine. (upright machines can get moldy and stinky. i saw a dateline once.) you get the idea...

so you may be perplexed when i share with you the news that yes, we have mice. AGAIN!

farm problems, people. the struggle is real.

and when i say farm problems…i mean our farm problems. i don't recall amy ever complaining about mice in her sweet farm house just 18 miles away.

it all began YEARS ago when farmer and i were just dating. i wrote about the time i visited the farm (back when he was living in the single-wide that i would later move into.) and farmer and i went for a run. when we returned at least five baby mice and been birthed inside my shoe which was inside my overnight bag. you can read the whole story here.

that was the beginning of our everlasting mouse struggle.

we think this latest installment of mice encounters happened when my farmer left a backpack on our deck for a few days. he says it was out there for two…i'm guessing he meant two weeks. regardless, during those two days weeks, we think some mice must have set up camp inside the bag. when my farmer brought he backpack inside he threw it in his "work" closet…and that's when the taunting began.

a few nights ago i was downstairs watching a movie while farmer worked his 38th night in a row. all of a sudden i heard one of kaye's rattles move. ghost? no. obviously a mouse had run into it. i turned the flashlight on on my phone and watched that mouse run into one of our storage closets. "great," i thought. "farmer will have some mouse hunting to do when he gets home." i went back to watching my movie (a lifetime original about a woman wrongly accused of killing a hooker…classy).

that's when i was full-on assaulted by said mouse. it jumped ON the couch. i wish i could tell you i caught it with my bare hands and we never had to worry about it again…because that's what farm living is all about. but no. i leapt off the couch to our staircase landing, sprinted upstairs and promptly took up camp atop the arm of our couch for well over 30 minutes. higher grounds, people. it was the logical thing.

i feverishly began texting farmer about what my next move should be. he told me to relax. watch my movie. we'd set a bunch of traps when he got home. (yeah…if i survived that long.)

not five minutes later there was a scuffle in one of our upstairs closets. a real battle was going on. maybe we had a bigger problem? like a 'coon?

again, i feverishly texted my farmer. "get home now." the poor guy knew i meant business and pulled his tractor from the field. that's love. he was on his way to save me (and sleeping kaye) from this rabid beast.

since the closet debacle we've caught four mice. we had another live sighting downstairs last night. my farmer thinks we have it trapped in a closet full of peanut butter and mouse traps. i'm not holding my breath. it's more than likely going to eat all the peanut butter, lick it's little paws and emerge four pounds heavier. bastard mice.

i'll keep you all posted. pray for us.