friends. farmers. welcome. we have another round of the confessional today…and while it's relatively tame…there is one in there that will make you gasp. GASP i say. because that's what i did. but then she made a very good point and i forgave her. read on. can you guess which one i'm talking about? 

a little business first - as always, if any of you fine gals have a confessional list or confessional story you want to share here on September FARM just shoot me an e-mail and we'll get you scheduled to take over on a saturday coming up very soon!

okay…take it kelly!

Hey y'all. I have been asked to be a part of a blog series! Pretty cool huh? Well I think so cause it's a pretty cool one. I started following Karli a while back & realized we had a lot in common. We're both part of the farming world (my dad & her husband). And even though we live far, far apart (Idaho to Indiana), we have similar thoughts as well. When she did her first confessional post, I agreed & laughed along with her.

I must admit I was so giddy when she e-mailed me & asked I would like to be a part of the confessional series. (I might have danced around my room hollering.) Some of the other ladies have shared stories, but since I don't have any embarrassing or cool stories to tell, I thought I'd confess some things about me that y'all might not know.
For those of you reading from Karli's blog: Hey y'all & welcome! My name is Kelley & this is my little bloggy world Famous in a Small Town. I live in a farm town in Southern Indiana & I love pizza, Dr Pepper & long lazy Saturdays. I admit I don't have the most interesting life, but I like to document it here & share with y'all.
Now to the good part, I hope.

1} My niece loves to eat bananas, but I detest the smell of them. I almost gag when I feed them to her.
Me & Peyton almost 2 years ago!
2} I got more sleep in college than I do now. I averaged 9 (yes I said nine) hours of sleep when I was supposed to be partying or pulling all nighters. I'm lucky if I get 7 hours of interrupted sleep now a days.

3} I hate taking pictures of myself & I refuse to say or use the word "selfie." What is this world coming to. It's probably why I currently have no pictures of me & my boyfriend. How terrible Kel!
Circa 2006...before the crazy you know what phase lol
4} I don't wash my hands after using a public bathroom. Yeah gross but I hate the bathroom's cheap soap. But I do use hand sanitizer. So not as gross right?

5} When I was a senior in high school, we had a fan/pep club called Cougar Crazies. We used to do human dominos. At an away game, we did our dominos. Seemed normal. As the game was beginning, someone behind me said my jeans were ripped. Yep. From butt down to my knees.

6} When I'm in the car with people I don't sing at all. But boy when I'm by myself, I belt it out like I'm Carrie Underwood, & we all know that ain't true!

7} I didn't try my first steak until I was in college. Man was a I missing out!

8} I got a perm when I was 8 because that was the thing at the time, & 19 years later it's still in my hair. Or as a result I have curly hair now. I have my days where I hate it, but I love how easy it is to take care of.
Not the best pic of me, but I was havin a good hair day!
Exciting things are happening today! Last night, my baby sister Michael graduated from high school! She is getting ready to start the best years of her life! I am so proud of her! Today we are partying it up!
Thanks Karli for lettin' me take over your awesome blog for the day! :)

Thanks for checkin' out my blog & finding out a little more about me. Y'all come back now!