i'm not sure when memorial day weekend became an invitation to shove as much delicious food in your face as possible…but let's just say i certainly RSVP'd.

how do you say "no" to strawberry-covered waffles, pasta salad, blueberry zucchini bread, bratwurst, 47 mini brownies, birthday cupcakes…the list goes on.

but hey…when in rome?

feast your eyes.
and the zucchini bread…recipe post coming soon.
it's not our fault we had two parties to attend this weekend…our little gal, she's popular. she all but got invited to kimye's wedding, but we couldn't get her passport in time. i'm not too concerned, not even rob kardashian made it to the nuptials.

in all honestly, it was such a fun weekend. even with our farmer in the middle of haying he's managed to forgo sleep to take us on dinner dates and attend the parties.

he literally sleeps about three hours a night and then maybe takes a quick hour nap once a day.

our farmer…can't get enough of that guy.

so anyway, we celebrated picnic style this little man's first birthday. i cannot believe he's one. time absolutely flies.
this beckam-boy. he's the sweetest. kaye falls between his older brother and him…and the fact that they are all farm kids makes me so excited to watch them grow up together.

i'm really hoping kaye thinks of them as brothers because these boys…they are going to be pretty good-looking. they come from good stock, that's for sure.

but if kaye ends up being as awkward as my farmer, here…well, i don't think we're going to have too many issues in the boyfriend department.
moving on.

next we booked it to the big city to make our presence known and kaye fell in love with this little gal, claire.
the very best part? her mom was not only a bridesmaid in our wedding, but she also delivered kaye. so when we got to see our two best gals love each other so hard…melt our hearts. i mean…kaye may have loved claire a little more, but that's what us farm girls do…love hard. some people call it clingy…i call it…clingy. we can't help it.

regardless, i hope in five years, ten years, and so on we can show our best gals these pictures and tell them they've been friends forever.

while it was super fun to watch these two fall for each other it was even better to get together with more friends.

and my gal gina? she knows how to throw a bbq. delicious food, yummy treats, and a blind wine tasting? brilliant.

that's her dad learning up all these young kids real good…especially my farmer…drumroll please...
who totally ended up winning the blind tasting!
that's my man. hard working, hands-in-the-dirt…but with class. kind of. he only got two guesses correct, which doesn't say a lot for the rest of the tasters.

it was such a fun sunday, and i feel totally lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.  

sidenote - if i had known that a cornhole board could keep two kids under three busy for a solid hour…i would have invested MONTHS ago.
happy memorial day! take a moment to remember our loved ones and those who served for us.