if you blog (or maybe you don't) i'm nearly positive you've seen jess from being mrs. beer. how could you not? she writes a super, snazzy blog over yonder on the east cost. we're talking white house folks. works for the president.
okay, that's a lie. she doesn't work for the president, or his wife, or his family. actually...i couldn't even tell you if she's been to the national mall, which probably should have been one of my questions in this q + a. jess - favorite national landmark over in your parts...go?

but, i opted for a more personal level like...

KARLI | jess...you basically have the dreamiest of dreamy last names. please tell me you like beer. especially on a hot, summer day sitting on a patio, eating pupu's and enjoying live music. 

JESS | it's so weird. i get people that like to joke about it, and then people that spell it wrong. it's ridiculous. who misspells beer? they always want to add an S to the end, or make it bear or something weird. seriously people, it's not that hard. and i do like beer...but only the girly ones. basically, give me a blue moon on tap with an orange in it, and i'm a happy girl.

KARLI | i can most certainly see the value in a blue moon with an orange. as a matter of fact, that sounds like a tasty treat this very moment. but give this girl an IPA (hoppier the better) and i'm all set. idaho has kind of been booming in the brewery department lately...i may have to branch out.

what's the most perfect date your hubs could take you on?

JESS | depends. what's the budget? actually, a night away with just the two of us would be amazing. (she's saying she'd ditch her little gal...and so would i.) he did that for my birthday the first year we were dating - got a hotel room for the two of us and we had quiet time all to ourselves - it was awesome. i'd love to do that again.

KARLI | girl...you're speaking my language. except i would ask for two nights. one without my farmer or little gal, and one with just my farmer. we did the hotel bit for our anniversary last year and it was...incredible. i didn't think i could wipe the smile off my face...except for when i had to breast pump. that sucked. quite the mood-killer. too much info?

how often do you talk to your husband about blogging? is he into it or does he find it silly or does he make fun of you for it LIKE SOMEONE I KNOW?

JESS | he actually loves that i blog. he writes one too (but it's political and i honestly never read it...does that make me a bad wife? if so, i don't care), so he's used to this sort of thing. i even asked him if he'd be up for me attempting do do fashion posts and he said he'd take the pictures! winner right there!
KARLI | i wouldn't read a political blog either...even if my own kid wrote it...and she's only 19 months so that would be super impressive. 

outfit posts! do it! for a hot second, when i was obsessed with the daybook, i tried my hand at outfit posts (don't search the archives). thank god i gave that up real quick-like. actually, i think my farmer told me it was time to let those go. solid advice. 

changing gears - you host a series called the sleep chronicles. what inspired this?

JESS | ugh. my daughter was the WORST sleeper for the longest time. i scoured the internet looking for stories on how to get her to sleep better...and there was research, but not really any personal stories. when we sleep trained abbie at eight months i kept a log...and since i thought it'd be helpful for other moms, i started the series and opened it up for others. i'm hoping it has helped people, and i've loved hosting it.
KARLI | first kids are a crazy challenge. thank god for the internet. thank god for the sleep chronicles. and thank god for the breastfeeding diaries

changing gears again - do you splurge on anything? help me make my husband realize that i'm not the only one that likes my feet rubbed by strangers...

JESS | oh, i'd so LOVE to hire a house cleaner, but i'm just too cheap for it. but then being cheap backfires on me...like when i see things that are on sale or clearance and i need to buy them all. like zulily...seriously, why do i keep getting those e-mails? and in the summer i splurge on pedicures...because my toes are weird and awkward to paint myself...but only in the summer. it's pointless in the winter.

KARLI | well, i don't know about pointless. there's still the whole foot-rubbing thing they do. and the house-cleaner...girl. you're speaking my language. windows, bathrooms, baseboards...these are chores i would gladly fork over cash for.

back to your hubs - how did you two meet?

JESS | well...we both worked for the same company for awhile and i'd always see him at work events and happy hours. we were friends for a long time, but we didn't start dating until after i left the company. it all started at a friend's party. he insists i got him drunk and took advantage of him...but that's a lie. he got himself drunk.
KARLI | pardon me for reading between the lines...but it sounds like you still took advantage of him? i say good for you. it sounds oddly familiar as to how i snagged my farmer...that fateful day on the golf course. swoon.

last question - more of a request than a question...share a piece of blogging wisdom with us all.

JESS | keep going. even if you take a month off and want to come back, do it. blog for yourself rather than someone else. 

KARLI | you're so right. it's easy to forget why you started blogging. easy to get overwhelmed. easy to feel pressure. 

i have a friend that often used to say, "do what feels good." and another friend that says, "you do you." that same friend says, "you go glen coco!" i apply all these to my blogging.

oh my goodness, jess! so freaking fun to have you and your life stories/wisdom on the blog today! thank you!

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