okay. so when i started taking sponsors on my blog i didn't really know what i was getting myself into.

but can i just say what a pleasant surprise it's been. i mean…i know that everyone has their own special qualities and brings something to the table. maybe you are funny or pretty or have incredible fashion sense or blah blah blah.

regardless of what it is, it's so so much fun to get to know them better…especially via these fun Q + A's.

sunshine + pearls is no exception. i adore her that much more after our little session.

we all have stories, and this is such a fun way to share.

hi noelle! so…if you've read my blog for a bit you know i slack big time in the kitchen for my poor farmer. the guy is basically living on honey greek yogurt right now. this brings me to my first question…

KARLI | can you cook a delicious dish from memory? if so, what is it? inspire me.

NOELLE | i'm actually an awful cook. i'm slowly getting better with the help of my fiancé. i'm one of those lucky girls that can sit on the couch and catch up on blog e-mails with wine while a cute boy is in the kitchen making dinner!
KARLI | you have got to be kidding me. is there such thing as having a brother husband? do you think my farmer would ever be into that? what's your fiancĂ©'s phone number? never mind…

have you always been into style/fashion?

NOELLE | well…i recently lost a significant amount of weight which has made me start to embrace getting back into my appearance. it's a liberating feeling being able to go back to department stores and ask for a 4 when i used to have to go for the 14. i'm ready to start rocking the trends so any fashion advice from you lovely ladies would be appreciated!

KARLI | girl. that would be an amazing, inspiring blog post. tell me you have that story written down and that you'll share the link with us. and if you don't…get on that. mmmk?

on a totally different note, can you share an embarrassing story about yourself?

NOELLE | i was never an outdoorsy girl, but on a road trip i was determined to go fishing. it was hours before there was anything but i refused to leave. all of a sudden there was a tug on my line and a big fish popped out! i was so excited! years later my dad confessed to me that he had paid someone to put a fish on my hook so he could get back on the road!

KARLI | awww…that's the sweetest, saddest story. you really wanted that fish and your dad really loved you, but he really loved that road that was calling him. but hey…catching a fish is catching a fish, no matter how it got on your line.

i have some great friends in san francisco! hi amy, casey, jeff, henley! (even though none of you read my blog…probably.) scratch that. i don't have any friends in san francisco.

what brought you to san francisco?

NOELLE | i moved eight times before fully settling where i'm at now and i couldn't be happier. while i have enjoyed living all over the country, the amazing weather and friendly people have kept me here. there is ALWAYS something fun to do and i love that!
KARLI | when you say, "always something fun to do…" do you mean more fun than say…catching gophers? or moving hand lines? what about throwing rocks? this could be your reality if you move to a farm.

do you ever get told you look like a celebrity? if so, which one? would you agree?

NOELLE | i get compared to zooey deschanel a lot. i think it's the big, blue eyes, bangs and fit and flare dresses.
KARLI | best compliment ever! i love love zooey deschannel. plus farmer has a big crush on her. which is concerning because i'm the exact opposite. i get compared to reese witherspoon a lot. once i changed my Facebook picture to a paparazzi shot of her and all my friends literally thought it was me. i think i probably looked like her more a few years ago. now i just look like a tired mom. guh.

any pet peeves?

NOELLE | anyone biting their nails. the sound and the faces people make…it's just yuck!!!

KARLI | i've been known to nail bite. i go through phases. but you're right…it's disgusting.

if you could only take three things to a deserted island, what would they be? do explain...

NOELLE | i have to have good music wherever i am. i have total music ADD that can make me listen to 200 songs in 10 minutes. but i need good music around me no matter what!

the bible. no matter what situation is thrown my way i find nourishment in the words of the Lord.

good food and good company. am i cheating with this one? probably! but how can a girl go through anything without yummy snacks and laughter with the ones that mean the most!
KARLI | girl…that's my latest pet peeve. 200 songs?! kidding kidding. we all have our thing.

and you're totally cheating on that last one with good food and good company. it basically sounds like you're going on vacation. :) last question…swear.

one thing you can't leave the house without…besides your phone or purse?

NOELLE | a book. AN ACTUAL BOOK! no kindle or iPad for this, just a physical book i can highlight passages in, write notes and have it become mine.

let's all thank noelle for that fun glimpse into her life! should you all be interested in checking her out further, you can connect with her here -

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