gals. let's get real. my main man…he's a farmer. and what are farmer's doing right at this very time this year? planting.

my farmer has been planting corn from before sunrise to about 2/3-ish am every night for the last few weeks.

before that? he was working like a dog prepping the fields for all the little corn seeds that will pay our bills this year. it's kind of important. especially since i have my eye on a few big ticket items - refrigerator, new bathroom, vacation! (obviously a vacation is the most important of all those super important goodies.)

and so…when i say, let's get real…what i mean is i'm not expecting huge things for mother's day this sunday. in fact, i'm not expecting anything. mostly, turtle and i just want our farmer to be done planting. so if that means he has to work all day sunday…that'll be my mother's day gift.

but let's just say my farmer did have two seconds to jump on the laptop to order me a goodie or two. you know…just to say, "thanks babe. thanks for raising a super spoiled, fit-throwing, face-whapping 18 month old turtle." (because that's what my mother's day card would say…) the gifts my farmer just might order would be…

1 | lulu lemon running shorts - i swoon for these shorts. if it wasn't absolutely disgusting to wear these shorts multiple days in a row for my workouts, i totally would. i have them in black and i'd take them in this blue and about six of their other colors and/or prints. now…don't punch your computer screen when you see that a single pair of running shorts is over $50…they are worth it. they are worth it if only for the fact that my farmer told me my legs looked great in them. unsolicited compliment? YES PLEASE!
2 | lululemon zip up - naturally i need this super cute zip-up to go with my six new pairs of shorts, yes? right now i have one, sad, ratty pink, nike zip-up i bought when i was pregnant because i felt like it was the only light jacket i needed. but now it's disgusting…and i still wear it. time to upgrade. 
3 | gardening tools - i've been obsessing about this garden i want so badly this summer. it's not going to happen. i'm lucky i planted our porch pots a week ago. that's about as far as my green thumb will go. but it doesn't stop me from thinking about fresh tomatoes and so much zucchini i have to bake blueberry zucchini bread. to go with the tools i will probably also need to snag a new floppy hat and some cute clogs. it's all about how you look when you garden, right?
4 | glass kitchenaid mixing bowl - my poor stainless steel bowl has seen better days. it even has a touch of rust. (our water is just brutal out here.) so i've been eyeballing this new mixing bowl. it's one of those things that isn't that expensive so why don't i just order it? but it's not absolutely necessary…so that's why i don't. it sure would be fun to receive as a gift though. 
5 | these cupcakes - i saw them on pinterest the other day (after i had gone running so i was extra hungry) and i wanted to throw the strawberry to the side and mangle that decadent-looking frosting…like it was my job. then i'd go back and eat the strawberry. then i'd eat another cupcake. it's mother's day. i can do what i want.
 yay for the weekend. yay for mothers. yay for link ups.