this very happy friday i'm shifting my focus a bit. i reaaaaalllly want to somehow magically convince you that September FARM is the raddest blog to follow along with. because it is...or it isn't. but i don't think it's half bad.

so...five stellar reasons you should hop on this bandwagon...
1 | i post delicious recipes. oooo la la. like this one i made just the other night. it's a chicken sausage, kale, sweet potato, gruyere bake. i desperately need to work on my naming conventions. at first i thought the sweet potato was going to taste a little funky with the kale...but i can't reassure you enough...these flavors together create magic. it was absolutely delicious...and i'll be posting the complete rundown next week.
2 | i get my fitness in a fun way. in just a two weeks i'm going to be jammed into a car with six hilarious, gorgeous gals running a 62 mile relay and i absolutely cannot wait. we'll run from a tiny town to a picturesque resort town and finish with a giant party in a big park with live music and delicious hotdogs and beer. it's pretty much the only way to work out...or it should be. i'll be posting all about the sawtooth relay next week!
3 | hot farmer. in case you haven't caught on...i'm the lucky gal who snagged this dreamy farmer. do you need much more reason to stick around? i didn't think so.

4 | there's a pretty massive blog announcement coming up. i can't wait to share since i've been working on it for a bit now. so, you'll want to check back in for that.
5 | last, but certainly not least...well maybe it is...GROUP GIVEAWAYS! i host a group giveaway for my rockstar sponsors each month and we have one coming up on june 16th! so just wander on up and click that follow icon and you'll be sure to not miss out. you can also get in on july's group giveaway action...just check out your options HERE.

i'm linking up! are you?