first of heart fluttered all over the place yesterday as i read each of the comments left congratulating farmer and me on our soon-to-be turtle 2.0. you all are absolutely the sweetest and sure know how to make a gal like me feel pretty special.

in celebration i have two little goodies going on.

1 | you can vote whether you think we'll have a mini-farmer or a little gal-face right up in the top, left corner! since we didn't find out with kaye...we'll definitely be sharing (very soon) what #2 is.

2 | in celebration of our #2 i'm slashing prices on my sponsor spots. 50% off. not bad, eh? just head on over to my advertise page and enter the code FARMBABY and you'll be all set! (as a side note - the saturday confessional spot is itching to get a contributor! it had great success in the pilot program so i strongly encourage this new spot!)

and as a BONUS...i have a wonderful sponsor on the blog today.
have you all heard from rebekah at living lavender? if you haven't, you should be disappointed in yourself because she's an absolute delight. de-light. a treat. a breath of fresh air. hey...i'm just stating the facts here.

first of all...rebekah has a beautiful writing voice. you feel as though she's speaking right to you. like maybe you're at a coffee shop knocking down a venti starbucks together having a meaningful conversation. at least that's what it was like for me when i read her adoption story.
she also shares the very best recipes. as of late i've been on a quinoa kick. i mean...why not? it's a superfood...i think. anyway, when she shared this quinoa salad recipe i immediately pinned it (and you should too) for the next time we attend a get-together. it's beautifully presented, looks impressive, and i know it's going to taste delicious. of course i'll give all the credit to living lavender. lies. no i won't. but i'll think of rebekah fondly as everyone enjoys her recipe.
lastly, but certainly not the least, girlfriend is diverse. she's a lawyer. she's a blogger. but her latest endeavor might be the best. rebekah is now a rodan + fields executive consultant! i a gal in her 30's (i'm 30) i can totally relate to all she has to say about skincare. while i never struggled with bad skin...i think we've all had our skin troubles. so any/all information is good information, right? right. even better is rebekah totally gets skin woes. just read all about her journey here. so...if you've been on the hunt for more information or want to get to know the rodan + fields line more in depth head on over to rebekah's site.

don't be afraid to check in on living lavender amongst all her social media!