you know you've made it in the blogging community when you get in on a giveaway on a blog like helene in between.  

and what i mean by that is i contributed my hard earned blog money to help bring you a $200 gift card to SEPHORA. yay!

now...before you get unexcited about a SEPHORA gift card, let me tell you why this is awesome. 

1 | if you're like me and rarely wear makeup, you too can still spend money at SEPHORA.

2 | they have nail products, hair tools, skin care, perfume...the list goes on and on. check it out!

3 | if you're still not into any of these can give away your winnings to a grateful friend. 

see...everyone wins. 

next step - go have a looky-lou at all these super cute gals. especially the second row on the far right...she looks like a nice farm gal!
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last step - enter away below!