are you an avid blog reader? hunt and hunt and sometimes you're lucky enough to find a blog you really connect with? 

or maybe you find a blog that you really just enjoy reading? 

or maybe you find a blog that you want to steal all their post ideas?
that's kind of how it went down when i happened upon kaliwood

girlfriend is funny. girlfriend is clever. and girlfriend lived in france. no big deal or anything. 

(plus i think she's a natural blonde which certainly doesn't make me jealous or anything.)

this is exactly why i want you to take a September FARM guided tour to KALIWOOD.
1 | you're going to have the opportunity to get to know kali at 16. apparently girlfriend was 5'8" and 120 lbs. 

this sounds like me in 6th grade. (by the way kali - if you're reading this...i'm copying your idea for this post. it's hilarious.)
2 | we get to read all about how she freaked her boyfriend out when she was bit by the wedding mosquito

don't worry kali. i all but bought myself a ring and put it on my own finger.
3 | and kali totally hangs out with famous bloggers like sarah (venus trapped in mars) and erin (living in yellow). 

but i'm sure if those two just happened upon idaho...they would want to hang with me too. right? i mean...i'd take them to the raddest camping spot and show them a baby goat. 

scratch that. they should continue to visit kali in kentucky for the derby.

so if you're not in love by now...maybe you should see what one of her ad spots can do for you? i mean...she's offering 50% OFF to September FARM readers with the code FARMER! head on over. it's not a bad idea.

you can also find her in each of these spots...enjoy!