big deal guys, but since i'm quite the worker-outer these days i was specifically sought out by erin from living in yellow to participate in the 1000 minutes of working out in june challenge. 

that is a total lie. no...girlfriend did not specifically request my participation.

however, when she sent out a little PA to bloggers far and wide to participate...i said, i'm in. 1000 minutes in a month? ain't no thang.

then i did some number crunching (simple division) and realized that's 33.33 minutes every. single. day. for a month.

shocker - i'm not used to working out every single day. i can't even DRINK back to back days let alone strap on tennis shoes. no thanks. the last time i worked out back to back to back to back (and so on) was eight weeks before my wedding and i was probably only consuming about 1000 calories a day. hello eating disorder, nice to meet you.

it was during that same period i called my farmer and burst into tears sobbing, "i'm so hungry."

he told me to eat something. i think i did and i probably felt a hell of a lot better. and saner.

now, three years + one kid + stay at home mom is different. i can think of at least five things at any time that i would rather do than work out: eat chocolate chips, watch real housewives, play a stupid game on my iPhone, go pick up the mail, track down my farmer on the 4-wheeler. see...five things just like that.

i have a point - this challenge is going to be good for me! moderation. 30+ minutes a day. i've got this.

we're three days in and i've logged 103 minutes and 11 miles. great start! i think i'm well on my way to some new goodies from my new favorite store, eh-hum, lululemon. (don't say that word around my farmer.)
i'm eyeballing these, but i have to wait for my size to come back in stock. lame.

so...should you be feeling inspired...go get your sweat on. do it.