yay. Saturday Confessional is here and there's nothing i like more than living the sorority life vicariously through other gals. it makes me think of all the hangovers i missed out on...and probably saved me a bunch of money too. still, i do get just a smidgen jealous that i didn't experience what looks to be a super fun (read: drunk) time.

let's all team up with jessica and relive her sorority days.

but before her confessional...the bizz. 

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Hi September Farm readers!  I'm so excited to be a guest writer for Karli's awesome saturday confessional series.  I always enjoy reading it each week.  But first, how excited are y'all about Karli and Farmer's big announcement this week?  OMG such great news!  Congrats to them!

Onto the confessional!  I had a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to tell you about.  I couldn't think of anything that I thought you'd enjoy reading about.  Then, I thought of something more serious, but decided against that.  Instead of an actual story as my confessional I'm going to tell you about a bunch of experiences that tie together into a nice little "story" of their own.  Confused?  Well, don't close the browser just yet because you will enjoy this flashback.  I'm going to tell you about my crazy college experience.  More specifically, I will confess to you about all the crazy things I wore in college thanks to my sorority.  Doesn't sound interesting?  Just read on.  You will be surprised.  ;)

I went to the best university in the great state of Indiana called Purdue University!  Yes, there are people that will disagree with me, but in my opinion it was the best place to be for 5 years.  Yep 5 years, but that's a different story.  As a freshman I joined the sorority Alpha Xi Delta.  For those of you who belong to a sorority you know there are all sorts of fun philanthropies, dances, and experiences that you encounter in greek life.  All of those things are something I looked forward to.

One thing that I didn't count on was how ridiculous we would dress at different times throughout the years.  Not only did I have a million t-shirts that all my sisters had (and at times the entire greek community), but sometimes we dressed like absolute idiots.  Part of it was being a student at Purdue and something called Breakfast Club (will explain in a few), but most of it was the crazy themed dances we attended.  Let me show you...
spontaneous dance - i can't remember the exact theme, but basically
everyone wore a towel and hung out at a bar with another fraternity.
fraternity/sorority football buddy function - tennis theme
thug party
toga party with my friend stewy
barndance! probably the best dance we had each year. we rented a barn on a
big farm, rode on hayrides,sat by a bonfire, and danced the night away!
Are you getting the picture yet?  I look back at these pictures and put my head in my hands.  Did I seriously dress like this?  Did I seriously hang out with boys (and I truly mean boys for most of these events because many of them were super immature)?  Oh the things I hope my children don't see someday.  I'm not sure how I can explain many of the outfits.  It was so much fun, but oh my was it a bit over the top.  

There were also times that we had great reasons to dress the same and celebrate like when we got a new pledge class in which we all wear white.  Also, there were dances where we actually dressed cute. I have a ton of those pictures too and I'm so thankful I have those to show off and not just the crazy ones.  
initiation 2005
pledge pop night with one of my little sis'. i feel terrible i had her dress like that. at least she still loves me.
this was a great time and i actually am dressed cute!
Alright, I said before I would tell you about Purdue's Breakfast Club.  It is quite an experience.  You wake up around 6:00 am on the morning of every home football game, dress in absolutely stupid outfits and go to the bar.  Many people don't make it to the football game because they can't see their own feet, but it's quite an entertaining time.  I promise you I always made it to the game and honestly only attended two Breakfast Clubs.  My friends and I were really good at locking our doors, not answering our phones and sleeping in like normal people.  My favorite part of going to breakfast club was seeing how ridiculous people dressed.  If you look it up on Google you will find some pretty funny pictures.  
cowgirl, pregnant lady, and gypsy. she didn't actually go as a pregnant lady. whew!
To prove that I did actually go out with friends and not look ridiculous I have to show you a good one too.  I don't want you to think that all I did was drink in college.  I had an absolutely amazing time with some of the best people.  

Even though I've shared how ridiculous some of the things I did and dressed as I wouldn't trade it for anything.  College was so much fun.  I learned so much academically and also about who I am.  I met some of the greatest people and I still miss seeing them every day.  Actually I'm having a girl's weekend with the two lovely ladies in the picture above this weekend in Charlotte.  I haven't seen them since my wedding in 2008 and I can't wait.  Thank goodness they don't hold all those outfits against me and they can't because they were right next to me.  Ha ha! 
Thanks Karli for letting me confess how crazy my college experiences were.  I love this series and am so glad I could share.  Have a great weekend!