because i'm officially into my 26th week of pregnancy, that means i'm practically in my third trimester, which then means this little muffin of a gal is practically here.

right? 14 weeks should zoom by.

i know that's laughable, but i'm trying to think positively here.

last night i had the most insane dream that i was actually acting as a surrogate. but in my dream, i knew that my farmer and i wanted a second baby right away, so i was already planning on getting pregnant AGAIN as soon as humanly possible.

folks...i'm here to say...a third is not in my future. my farmer is just going to have to be content with his two gals. (and his hands are going to be totally full.)

so...the crazy dream i'm blaming on this glorious mountain air. if you remember, we escaped to my favorite little town in idaho, called mccall. while everyone else is sweating it out in the valley, we've been enjoying lake time, bike rides, and milkshakes...not too shabby.
it's been so ridiculously awesome to get away...i'm so sad it's coming to an end tomorrow.


26 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2
WEIGHT GAIN | at 26 weeks i'm popping along at a nine pound weight gain. not too shabby. my belly is getting bigger by the minute, so it seems...and the gals up top have really taken off. so...i guess this pregnancy thing is really happening. i was in denial there for a few months. kidding...kidding.
WORKOUTS | what with being on vay-cay for the past few days and all...i've only managed one run and a little bike ride...but those count, right? oh! and on friday and saturday i spent the better part of each day running around like a crazy woman setting up chairs and tables for a bridal shower and then breaking it all down. those definitely count as workouts. 
CLOTHING | i should really get it together...but i just love my lulu lemon yoga pants so so much. i'm wearing them now, in fact. their running shorts fit the bill as well. they have this glorious wide band at the top that don't cut in and they also stretch...a lot apparently. well, i'm in love. i'm definitely ordering an additional pair of each soon.

GENDER | in case you missed it...we're having another farm gal! 

according to the poll up top, if you voted, you certainly thought my farmer was going to get a mini-farmer.' just isn't so! we'll be welcoming another little girl in late october!

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures.

CRIES THIS WEEK | zero. zero cries this week AND zero cries last week. this is so uncharacteristic of me. 

granted...i did get so overwhelmed with the bridal shower i was co-hosting AND trying to get packed up for our vacation that were both happening on the same day that i nearly cried...but i didn't. 

maybe this means that gal #2 won't be as emotional as our little kaye? maybe? one can hope.

CRAVINGS | at the shower this weekend there was champagne and soft cheese all over the place. while i did sip on a little champagne, i stayed away from the soft cheeses that were so so tempting. goat and brie would have been absolutely divine to nibble on, but i've been given the tsk tsk. so...the champagne sufficed and i enjoyed every last sip.

PURCHASES | zero purchases thus far. i'm EAGERLY awaiting gaps fall baby line to appear so i can see if i can't purchase some matchy-ish outfits for turtle and turtle 2.0.

i also need to buy an additional sound machine and have yet to buy a new baby carrier. i think we're going to go with the ergo 360

thank you gals again for all your input on needs and wants for baby #2. if you have any additional suggestions on anything you wished or did get for baby #2, send them my way! i'm all ears!

REMINDER | this has nothing to do with a baby, but as a little reminder, we have the oh hey, friday! link-up happening this friday AGAIN! it's turned into quite the successful little get together with over 170 of you gals getting your link on, and we love it! if you're new and wondering what i'm talking here.

another reminder...july's group giveaway is happening! click here to read an inappropriate story AND get entered to win $235 cash!

happy tuesday!