months and months...and months ago - probably like four months ago, i contacted natasha over at schue love (because everyone reads schue love...and if you don't, you should).

girlfriend has quite the knack for whipping together room inspiration for do we say...people like me. i basically begged her for help on what direction i should take for a new "big girl" room for kaye. it is a daunting task i still don't want to think about.

seriously, i'm terrible at it. my poor kaye's nursery has some navy stripes on the wall and a flower vase...that's it. granted, i didn't know if she was going to be a boy or a girl. but you would have thought that after she arrived i would have thrown in some coral accessories and called it a day. nope, instead i did nothing and tried to keep my head above water as i navigated a newborn and nursing. this is not easy stuff, people.

well, now that turtle 2.0 is on her way (HER!!), we're moving kaye downstairs to a new room, and turtle 2.0 will move into kaye's nursery. so, i have two rooms i need to girl-ify...and as mentioned before, natasha helped me out with kaye's.

if you follow me on pinterest, you may have seen a few of the pictures i pinned ages ago to help motivate me for kaye's bedroom. well, i have yet to start...but here is the direction i was headed.
i have already purchased this quilt, so it'll definitely be making an appearance. 
i swoon for these built-ins, so maybe when our girls share a room, this can happen.
this bed has been purchased via pottery barn kids.
even though kaye has a chalkboard wall, i think i'm going to make this happen anyway.
these are also the same pictures i sent natasha, begging her to put together an inspiration board so i wouldn't blindly stumble along as i tried to piecemeal a room for my kaye.

well, natasha helped a gal out, and i couldn't be more pleased. girlfriend has an eye for design and i'm going to need her to regroup and help out my master bedroom...which has yet to see a single design element. seriously, zero pictures. the most i've done is change our duvet seasonally.
is't it the cutest, and the sweetest...and basically just perfect for my turtle? it is certainly a room that could grow with her, and i'm all about that.

thank you so so much to natasha for helping me out. now i need to start purchasing the accessories!

and a HUGE congrats to natasha as well. girlfriend is expecting baby #2. love it!

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