this weekend was one of those weekends that was so productive and active it was exhausting. or maybe it was because i had the brilliant idea that this was the perfect time to potty train kaye.

spoiler - it's wasn't.
spoiler - we are no longer potty training.
spoiler - i failed.

saturday consisted of - me mowing our lawn for the very first time since i was in high school, a bike ride with my farmer and best gal, and we finished the night by taking the boat out for swimming and dinner. 

sunday consisted of - house cleaning, birthday cake making, i started painting kaye's big girl room, and a sunday dinner...which is huge considering i don't typically do a lot of meal-making.
now that i have it all typed doesn't seem like a whole heap, at least not enough to constitute exhaustion, but...

i repeat - i'm exhausted. 

i guess we'll move right into...
27 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | here we are at 27 weeks, beyond huge tas, and a nine pound overall gain. (but this was before i ate half of a double-layer, nutella frosting cake.)
WORKOUTS | the workouts have been great. i got in a few runs this week and even managed to get in a five-miler...and i lived to tell about it. actually, it felt great and i consistently ran low 9 minute miles. i'll take it! 

if i can continue getting in two or three runs a week until 30 weeks...i call that a win. i'll also keep up the walking and biking. regardless of the activity, i always shoot for at least 45 minutes. it just makes a gal feel good.

CLOTHING | i'm nearly positive i wore some sort of spandex-y/yoga pants-y attire every day this week. lucky farmer, yes? 

but tomorrow...tomorrow is a big day. amy is turning 30 and her farmer is sending us on a spa/treat yourself included. so maybe, just maybe, i'll snag myself a cute flowy top and really shock the hell out of my farmer.

GENDER | we're totally having a little gal...a carbon copy of kaye...i just know it.

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few weeks ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | zero. i may have to take this section away because i'm pushing a month with no tears. this is UNHEARD of considering the amount of tears i was shedding just a month ago...and definitely a decrease from what i experienced when pregnant with kaye. 

i'm not letting my guard down though...and neither is my farmer. he's been on his very most sensitive, tender, loving behavior.

CRAVINGS | i fulfilled my sweet tooth today with some glorious nutella frosting. did you see amy's birthday cake i whipped up? that's nothing but powdered sugar, butter, and nutella. and trust me, there was extra frosting that easily found its way to my mouth...this is why i need to keep running.
PURCHASES | i went ahead with the ergo 360. i'm pretty jazzed about it and so is my farmer considering he despised the moby wrap we used with kaye. 

i'm also going to probably drop a few more dollars considering i have some discounts at pottery barn and 40% off my purchase at baby GAP...i currently have a very full shopping cart.

13 weeks to go, people. 13 weeks.