for today's Saturday CONFESSIONAL i have to write a little intro.

it's just one of those posts you have GOT to read to the end so that you can get to the zinger. because it really is a zinger! (and i don't use the word zinger loosely.) i was totally shocked.

in the process, you'll probably find yourself totally relating to madeline (or maybe you won't, but i did because i was voted biggest brown-noser of my senior class).

so, read on...and read to the end. then click on over to madeline's blog. trust'll want to do this.
saturday confessional with p.s. my name is madeline

Hello September FARM readers!! My name is Madeline, and I blog over at P.S. My Name Is Madeline. I blog about myself, my handsome husband, teaching fourth graders - mostly just the funny things they say, and my life in a small town. I'm all about celebrating myself and others, and I would love to get to know you and celebrate you too, so I'm happy to be here!

First confession: I am an innocent person.

Second confession: I'm not just saying that.

Don't leave just yet, though! I'm here to prove that being an innocent goody-two-shoes can also get you into trouble, and leave you guarding a secret for years to come.

Which brings me to high school. I know, high school? Really? But yes. High school. Let's move on.
me... in high school.
I was 15 years old, it was my sophomore year. Being the goody-goody I was, I was chilling in an Honors English class. This class was taught by Mrs. King. Mrs. King was an older lady, with a reputation for being a bit harsh. Her class was difficult, and she was in no mood to baby you. At first, I hated her along with my classmates. She expected too much! She didn't care about our excuses! She stamped our hands with pictures of sloths when we didn't turn in our homework! She put the best students school pictures on The Bus. The Bus was one of those elementary school posters with an illustrated picture of a bus, with kids hanging out of it. Now, contrary to popular belief, and just to put any similar thoughts you have to rest, I was never on the bus. I tried not to let it bother me. It was one of those high school feelings you get where it's like, "I want to be on the bus, because I want to do good and feel smart." And also, "I don't want to be on the bus because everyone already thinks I'm a goody-goody and I want them to know I'm not just a brain."

So, like I said, I hated her at first. After a while though, she grew on me. She was kind of cool! She told this story about how when she was first married, she was at a dinner party and everyone was talking about politics including her. After the party she realized that the whole time, she had only been saying her husband's opinions and she didn't have any original thoughts! So she went back to school and travelled the world, and got her own opinions. I thought that was amazing. I still think it's amazing. So, she grew on me.

One day, I walked into class to a solemn assembly. All eyes were on Mrs. King, and all voices were quiet. She waited until the bell rang, and then began telling us in a shaking voice that The Bus had been stolen. She was devastated. She started crying and begging for the perpetrator to give the bus back! The whole class stared at her, some trying not to laugh... and then there was me, also getting tears in my eyes because... goody-goody... and also, too much empathy for my own good.

I could not believe that someone could be so mean to an old lady. I mean, seriously? I went home and told my mom all about it, because that's what you do in high school. And then the next day, I had this computer tech class. I sat down and began my typing practice, when suddenly the boy next to me was talking to the boy in front of him. About the bus. About who stole the bus. "Did you hear that Alex Casey stole Mrs. King's bus?"


I knew who stole the bus.

I was in a state about what I should do. I mean, I should obviously tell Mrs. King! (goody-goody!!!!) But if anyone found out that I told her, I would be socially doomed for the rest of high school! (Try hard!!!) But Mrs. King was crying!! (empathy!!!) In the end, Mrs. King's tears won out.

I told her Alex Casey stole the bus in a private conversation. Alex Casey got kicked out of Honors English for the rest of high school. I never told anyone except my best friend Jill what I had done. Alex Casey and I had Honors Chemistry the next year together, and I ignored him like my life depended on it.

And somehow... 8 years later, Alex Casey and I ended up married.

Find out how I ended up marrying Alex Casey over at p.s. my name is madeline!!

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he doesn't look like a criminal... ;)

seriously...let's all head over to madeline's blog to read the rest! i mean...she got him kicked out of honors english! (as a former honors english/goody-goody...i'm having a hard time comprehending!)

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