i've never been secretive about my drive to make this here blog quasi-successful.

i TOTALLY want it to make a few dollars every month for several reasons:

  1. if it makes enough money i can totally hire someone to come clean my toilets and polish my floors.
  2. i may even be able to start paying for my own pedicures.
  3. but mostly...the very biggest reason...to prove my farmer wrong.
you see...my farmer doesn't understand normal dollars.

if i told him my blog made $1000 last month (which it totally did NOT), he would come back and tell me our power bill for the farm was $40,000 last month. 

literally - $40 grand. that's not a lie or a typo.

so you can see why he might turn his nose up at $1000...or even $3000. apparently he doesn't get out of bed for a piece of machinery that doesn't cost less than $100k.

let me be clear here, though - it's just downright expensive to run a farm. and while i'd love to say farmer and i are rolling in the green (hay + corn $$)...all that glorious crop cash gets plugged right back into the farm to pay things like power...and the fertilizer bill...and land payments. 

woe is me, right?

but i'm keeping things in perspective. if i were to pass a $10 bill on the ground...you bet i'd pick it up. shoot...i'd pick up a quarter...or a nickel. 

which is exactly why i enter/participate in most every giveaway that crosses my path here in blog world. one of these days, i just might win. then i'll rub my $130 all over my face in front of my farmer. no i won't. money is dirty. but i sure will brag about it.

which brings me full circle - fake it until you make it.

i'm totally going to continue to pretend like September FARM has thousands and thousands of readers...and like people totally care/are entertained by the bits i bring to the pages. 

and just maybe one day September FARM will get invited to the Kentucky Derby or a spa opening or...or...something extra rad.

in the meantime, i'll just continue to participate in killer giveaways that bring friends the chance to win cash...like the $130 mentioned above and below.

plus, just look at all those pretty blogging faces.