first and first...i totally have to apologize for not revealing the gender yesterday! i didn't think that many people actually cared. but it warms my cold, dark heart knowing that some of you are EQUALLY as excited as me to learn more about turtle 2.0!

so you should probably know...check back here tomorrow. BIG blog announcement. i swear it. as in...i'm definitely spilling the beans. allow me to be more clear - i'm going to share the gender tomorrow. thursday. it's happening.

now that i've stated it so bluntly, i can't go back on that, right? someone might come to the farm and torch it.

however...while i don't have a gender treat for you today, i do have a pathological liar on the blog for you to read all about.
that's a lie. maybe i'm the pathological liar?

anyway...jenn, from hellorigby! is here to tell us all about her start with fudging the truth...shall we say. actually, it's less of a fudge and more of an full-blown fib.

and when you finish her lie-telling here, if you like beautiful photography, great storytelling, adorable pets, and blog ideas i want to steal...then you should pop over her way to show her some love. and that's the truth.

okay...take it away jenn -

So I know it's not Throwback Thursday or even Flashback Friday, but I want to take you down memory lane today. Does anyone remember Harriet the Spy? It starred Michelle Trachtenberg as a little 11-year-old writer and spy, and her nanny played by Rosie O’Donnell.
Paramount Pictures
This one. You with me now? Good.

Anyways, I loved this movie. I saw it in theaters, talked about it for days with my friends. You know the drill. Then one day someone stopped me and told me I looked just like Harriet the Spy! Wanting to be a special snowflake, I really didn’t take this as a complimentary thing. I mean, Michelle Trachtenberg was killing my 7-year-old vibe! It didn’t stop there though… no, I started hearing it all the time. I had had about enough of pointing out all of the ways we looked nothing alike to strangers and friends.
One day at recess, one of my friend's little brothers runs up to me and yells “You guys! She looks just like Harriet the Spy!” All of his friends were clamoring around me saying “It’s Harriet the Spy! It’s Harriet the Spy!” I’d had about enough, so I said, “Yep, I look just like her because she’s my cousin!”
Jenn or Harriet the Spy?
The kid stopped in his tracks. Mouths dropped open. “...Can you introduce me?” he asks. “Oh no, I can’t do that; she’s busy with her film career and doesn’t have time for younger boys,” I said.
Okay, so maybe I told a little white lie. Michelle Trachtenberg is obviously not my cousin, but the little boy on the playground sure didn’t know that.
After that, I didn’t hear much about my similarity to Harriet the Spy, until I hit college. One day one of my friends said, “Hey, you look just like that girl from that movie when we were little…”
“...Oh, you mean Harriet the Spy?” I asked. Yep, I still got it.
Thanks for reading one of my silliest childhood memories. I’d love to have you join me in making more silly memories on my blog, hellorigby! where I often post about life, fashion, beauty, and what I’m reading.
<3 Jenn

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