a gender reveal with a balloon pop!
you guys. i'm just loving that i get to share the gender of our farm baby!
i literally just drove back from amy's house where she snapped some pictures so i could upload them and get them on the blog for everyone tomorrow...which is now today!

and i know there are at least like...five or six of you (or one or two) that are as excited as me to see them!

well, not as excited, but excited nonetheless. 
i won't keep you any longer.
did you see??!!

this is happening. my farmer is in BIG trouble.

in case you missed it, here it is again...

uh...yes. farm gal #2 is hot on her way.

when farmer and i found out, we just about died. we hugged. we kissed. we were beyond thrilled.

and i can say it now with complete conviction - we 100% already knew it was a girl.

my farmer and i...destined to have girls. we've always known this.

gals - i can say it once, i can say it one million times...there is no little gal on this earth luckier than my farmer's daughters.

he's the best. the very best.

but i have a thing or two to teach my gals. they are totally going to own him. kaye already does...

enough of the mushy-gushy.

for good measure, amy and i tried out a few other ideas too. i mean...we hit all the pinterest ideas.

i blew a subpar bubble.

and we also ran out of helium. what do you do when you live on a farm and there is no helium for a 30 minute drive? you hold the pink balloon in the air.
worth it.
thanks for sharing in my news!

bring on another farm gal.