eeee! now...i don't know about you guys, but regardless of summa-summa-time or not, i've been missing that little 5 on friday link-up. i mean...for like a hot second it was nice that i didn't have to think about it, but now i'm back. i mean...i want it back.
the farmer's wife + September F A R M
this is exactly why my very best farm-gal-pal and i are going to host a link-up...and you guessed's on friday...which is tomorrow.

another thing you guessed? same-zies on the format.

just write up a little diddy about five things. five anythings:

five things that happened to you last week.
five favorite recipes.
five embarrassing moments.
five kid tips.
five items you're lusting after.

five. fiver. cinco. five.

then, just link back to our little blogs by including the below button code and you're totally in business.

see...super easy. we didn't reinvent the wheel. we simply changed the button...and the name...and the hosts.

prep your post for tomorrow morning and we'll see you then, bright and early!

and if that's not enough...why not be a part of a thursday link up too? check it out!
Thoughts for Thursday