first first first! before i talk about the millions of dollars i want...i'm so excited to be co-hosting the first oh hey, friday! linkup with amy from the farmer's wife!

if you're unfamiliar with how the linkup works...allow for a quick explanation - 

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simple as that. ready, go.

now...for my very first oh hey, friday!

if i had millions of dollars...or at least a little more than i have now, there are oodles and oodles of goodies i would want.

now...let me preface this with - i'm very happy and content with our sweet farm-life...ESPECIALLY now that we have the most intense water filter/softener you've ever seen and i no longer have to wash my hair with cold, bottled water. (seriously, my farmer installed it for me just yesterday. that man. gush gush gush. my heart. tha-thump, tha-thump.)

but back to if i had millions of dollars. dream with me a little here...there are a few goodies i could go for (above and beyond paying off the farm)...
1 | i would swoon for a vacation home in mccall, idaho. it has rivers. it has a lake. it has two ski hills. it has breweries. but most of all...the scenery. it's epically stunning. plus my farmer and i were married there. it holds a special place in my heart.
2 | i would totally get a boob job. and not a boob job where you get implants. i would get the very best plastic surgeon to get busy, shrink them down, lift them up as high as they'll go (well, not as high as they'll go), and finally make it so i can wear a strapless dress, or even just a halter dress.
i know, i know. sounds super lame. but i'm so tired of having to special order sports bras. i mean...not a lot of gals i know are a 34 E. it's excessive and needs to be remedied.

3 | i would hire a personal chef/housecleaner that tripled as a personal trainer. oh...and this person would have to love our kids so that my farmer and i could go on a weekly date night. we would build said person a little guest house on the farm and life would be good.

never clean a toilet again? sold. never feed my daughter mickey mouse, frozen chicken nuggets again? done and done. have the hottest bod in farm-country? count me in! yes...this is definitely something i would do if i had oodles and oodles of mula.

4 | i would connect with the very best landscape artist to create a backyard to die for. we have so much land it makes possibilities endless. 
i would go one of two directions.

option #1 would be complete luxury. could you even imagine?
where as option #2 might match our country-living a bit better. either direction...i'm in love.
5 | lastly, i would kidnap my farmer and take him on a honeymoon...twice a year every year. i'd force him to get couples massages and pedicures...but i wouldn't have to force him to drink girly drinks with me. that man has a sweet tooth like nobody you've ever seen. we would have fancy dinners. we would drink too much. we would be at the swim-up bar a lot. we would stay in our own private villa. it would have it's own hot tub...bachelor style. (bow-chicka-wow-wow.) room service every morning? you bet.
but, after a few days of relaxation, we would have some adventures, which that man is all about. if it's an adrenaline rush, you can bet my farmer is on board. kayaking? mountain climbing? ATV-ing? waterfall/cliff jumping...we would do it all.
millions of dollars. is it too much to ask?

okay gals...get your link on! and don't forget to add the button so others can join in!