no big deal guys! except for the fact that amy and i about died last week when we saw 166 of you link up for the very first oh hey, friday!

(seriously, we're doesn't take a lot to impress us.)

but 166? that rocked. so we're really hoping to get at least that this week. was super fun to pop around to all the linked blogs and read your goodies. i loved it.

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A TOTALY RANDOM oh hey, friday! LIST

1 | did you see my little gender reveal yesterday? well, if you didn't, here's a little recap, but you'll probably want to pop over the the full post so you can see amy's photography talents. makes life a lot easier when you have your own, personal photographer willing to take pictures of you after 9 pm.
2 | rodeo time
this is the third year we've made our way to the snake river stampede rodeo...which is actually a pretty big deal over in these here parts. two of the years i've been pregnant. the last two years we've had kaye. this year...kaye was a wild wild wild child. i thought for sure she would sit nicely, eat her corn dog, and watch the activity below. wrong. farmer and i spent a solid portion of the night saying
"excuse me! i'm sorry!" to people as we chased her down. girlfriend was on one last night. in addition, my farmer has some serious animal dander when we left...true to form, he had a mini-asthma issue. but he knows i love me some calf roping and barrel racing. he embraces the asthma for me. god love him. you can count on us trying again next year...but with two little gals. that should make it super fun and much easier...said no one ever.
3 | we stole from home depot
so, when farmer built me our house on a hill, we loved the position of it because it overlooks the entire farm. we can see for miles. made it a little rough and daunting to think of the landscape work that would need to be completed. i was literally a bed of gravel and dirt. not a tree in sight which can be totally overwhelming. but that farmer...he's good at breaking things down for me and said, "give me five years." last year he laid sod so that turtle would have a glorious yard to play in. this year we robbed home depots 75% off sale. literally...all their trees and shrubs were 75% off! we hooked up a trailer and hauled boo-tay to the big city. then we dropped some cash and hauled our little forest back to the farm.

as i sat on the porch sipping lemonade in 104ยบ farmer sweated. a lot.

but now? we've gone from literally zero trees to over 20. i couldn't be more pleased.
4 | a new favorite product - AVEDA TINTED MOISTURIZER
you guys have probably been thinking...that pregnancy has been doing wonders for her! she's glowing...or maybe you haven't. you probably haven't.

regardless...i have a new favorite product to recommend, and i'm not getting paid to say this.
it's avedas inner light mineral tinted moisturizer broad spectrum spf. i'm absolutely smitten. it's not so thick it feels like a foundation, but has just enough color to even skin tone...which is something i struggle with. my skin tone is all over the map. PLUS it has SPF AND it moisturizes. aveda for the win.

5 | a very busy weekend ahead
if you saw last weeks linkup post you know that i'm creatively plotting on how to get millions of dollars so i can buy my dream, vacation home in one of my very most favorite of locales, mccall, idaho. (think: skiing in the winter, lake in the summer, perfectly picturesque town)
well, since we're between cuttings (think - hay), farmer gave me the go-ahead to rent a little home in that picturesque place of my dreams and we're headed there this weekend to beat the heat! i absolutely cannot wait. i have big plans for milkshakes, dinners out, lake-splashing, and marshmallow roasting on the deck.
but before we head up yonder, i'm co-hosting a bridal shower for one of my best gals! she's a designer by trade and incredibly creative and artistic. no pressure for us to throw something visually pleasing or anything! sheesh.
you can count on a full recap next week.

so with that...i'm out!

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