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speaking of children...our guest poster today has brought to you a spin on the saturday confessional. it's less of a confessional, and more of just a honest take on the craziness of having a baby.

take it away karissa -
My daughter was born three weeks before her due date, she was clearly in a hurry to be born. I am terrified of hospitals and needles and have a slight issue with control. So I had her birth planned and unless something unexpected happened, that had to be dealt with, I wanted it needed to go the way I planned. So my due date was October 23rd. It was September 30th. My husband and I had run errands that day and nothing seemed unusual. I still had a lot of things to do to prepare for the baby but I had time. I did not have time. That night I was reading in bed and my husband was asleep. I stood up to go use the bathroom when I had a weird feeling like I peed my pants. I went to the bathroom and I was trying to figure out if I had peed them or if possibly my water broke. More fluid came out and I started to think it was my water breaking but it was not even October yet I was not expecting this. At that time we lived with my parents, so I went and woke my husband up and then my mom and told them my water had probably broke. I called my labor coach and she said since I wasn’t sure 100% if it was my water breaking or not to wait and see if contractions started.

So my mom went back to bed, she was sick and was hoping to get a little more sleep before we left for the hospital. I put on Wedding Crashers on TV to try to distract myself. My husband went into the bedroom to pack a bag for the hospital, that was on my to do list that hadn’t been done yet. My contractions started and I tried my best to distract myself. My goal was to labor at home for a bit. I wanted very minimal medical interference, so the longer I waited the better. After a few hours we went to the hospital. We got there at around 1am. Now, standard protocol for those of you who haven’t had babies is that they want to hook you to an IV. I didn’t want an IV, I planned to stay hydrated through water. Now I knew the nurses weren’t going to like this but my doctor knew my plan and supported it. So when the nurse tried to push me into it I told her she could call my doctor at 1am and wake him up to ask but he was going to support me. Don’t mess with a woman in labor. That nurse didn’t like me very much, I was glad when shift change happened and a new nurse came on.

So I labored through the night and luckily was progressing at a good speed. At around 10am I had them do a check to see where I was and they said I was just about ready to push so they called the doctor in. My doctor was out of town, I was his next patient to deliver and I was so early so couldn’t really blame him for going out of town. So another saw me. I was glad he was supportive of me and my choices and that wasn’t an issue. I know a lot of doctors really don’t like you to try and go drug free but he was good with it. He also read my birth plan I had and understood that we didn’t know the gender of our baby, we wanted a delivery room surprise. I wanted the baby to be born and my husband to see first if it was a boy or girl and then tell me. So this is how that went.

I pushed for awhile and it was hard but really I guess time does make you forget some and it really wasn’t as bad as everyone said it would be. I had my mom on one side and the nurse on the other and my husband was near the doctor as the baby was coming. So our baby is born and I could see the doctor turn towards my husband, Blake and he just stands there and doesn’t say a word. I’m lying there on the bed I can’t see anything but the top of the baby’s head. So the doctor goes. “Ok dad.” to prompt Blake to say the gender to me and still silence. My mom is up by me and can’t see and this is my first child and her first grandchild and we both want to know if it’s a boy or girl and we are getting nothing. Finally Blake says that it’s a girl and they hand her to me. Now in reality it was probably 30-45 seconds of him standing there, but in that moment to my mom and I it felt like forever. My mom was thinking that it was a girl and maybe he was wanting a boy. That is how my dad had been but my husband didn’t seem to care when we talked about it during my pregnancy, so I thought something else. He was standing there staring at the baby and all I can think was “ what’s wrong with the baby that he can’t tell.” It should be pretty easy so if he can’t tell, does my baby not have normal parts. It’s funny now and he gets teased a lot in my family for freezing up, he said he was got off guard by how emotional he was and surprised that he was a father.

She was perfect though, smaller than we had planned. I come from a family of big babies and I was almost ten pounds when I was born, so I figured I'd have a big baby. Since she was early though she was only 6lbs 14oz. /tiny in my family. So my mom had to go get newborn diapers and clothes. We had size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes and she was too small for them. Plus we needed some pink since now we knew it was a girl.
Oct 2 1st day home
our first day home together
my tiny baby
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