this weekend we may have gone a little crazy with our company party. we invited our employees and their families over to enjoy a giant water slide, some food, dessert, and drink. it was going to be great because it's be so so H-O-T here as of late. like 100º+. but wouldn't you know it...75º showed up with 20 mph winds. i was nearly positive we were going to be one of those families on the news where the bounce house blows away with kids inside. 

spoiler - our bounce slide didn't blow away.

but good news...since the party wasn't until sunday we obviously had to get some practice rounds we could show everybody how to style it on their way down. 
i'm 110% this is not how you're supposed to use a bounce slide...but my farmer clearly has it dialed in.

and i know what you're thinking...wha wha. karli's pregnant. she didn't get to do the bounce slide. 

well, pump the brakes...i beg to differ. 
like mother like daughter. no big deal. 

of all the ways i could have gone down the slide...on my side stomach seemed like the least lame. and while it still appears to be wasn't. that slide was fast. 

now onto the important how much weight have i gained and how gross is my belly button.

31 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | i'm up 12 pounds. i'm nearly positive i'm not supposed to be gaining a pound per week yet, but...that seems to be the case. 

this also seems to be a great time to tell you that the weight is redistributing itself in my body and me-no-likey. my boo-tay is getting flatter by the day, while my boo-bays are getting larger by the hour. some women may think this is great. but trust me...this is not great in my situation. bring on the triple-strapped grandma bras with five clasps in the back that only come in nude-sheen. (see what i mean...not great.)

now let's talk about my bellybutton. it's gross and still an inny...but not for long. i literally cannot even touch it. gag.

but on a very positive note i have no signs of stretch marks...except for the marks i received as a badge of passage my freshman year of college when no ice cream or chicken strip was safe. 
WORKOUTS | is mowing the lawn a workout? kind of? because i did that twice this week. when you're married to a farmer who grows green for a living...your lawn gets fertilized and watered far too often. but it sure is green.

regardless...i did managed to get in about eight miles of walking/running this week, plus a gymnastics class with kaye and a lot of errand-running. also workouts in my opinion. 

the workouts took a back seat this week because there are just so many projects i want to work on while kaye naps. however...i know how good i feel when the workout is over, so my goal this week is to get 45 minutes of cardio for five days this week. i also need to increase my water intake by like...a lot. 

CLOTHING | we had the first signs of cooler weather this past week and i loved it. it was finally comfortable to wear my maternity we just need it to drop another 10 degrees and i'll be able to pull of the tall boots and leggings. i'm also a huge scarf fan (to hide the ladies) so it'll be nice when i can throw one of those on too. 

but for now i sit tight with my maxi dresses and yoga pants...lots and lots of yoga pants.  
GENDER | i've gone pink crazy. i'm going to start adding some pink accents to the green + navy nursery. i purchased some pink crib sheets. i'll need to start my hunt for some girly accessories like frames and art to fill those frames. 

obviously...turtle 2.0 is a girl if you're just now following along!

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few weeks ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | remember all that bragging i was doing about me being totally sane during this pregnancy and not crying and totally keeping my cool? 

that went straight out the window this week. maybe it's because i wasn't working out like i should have been. yes...that's it. 

i cried three times this week. once after kaye's gymnastics class because she threw an epic fit in the costco parking lot. big we literally had to load back up and leave. this wouldn't be a huge deal...except we live over an hour away. cue the crying.

and i cried two more times on saturday because...because i can't remember. i know it started out of frustration because kaye wouldn't go down for her nap...but other than that...i have no clue. 

my farmer is gearing up for an emotional final nine weeks. poor guy.

CRAVINGS | negative. i've been trying to eat much healthier because i have terrible guilt when i indulge too much. so i figure if i can at least put good calories in during the day, the bowl of ice cream i've been eating EVERY night should be fine. right? it's logical. 

PURCHASES | pottery barn sent me a 15% off coupon for being a "great customer." also known as - you spend so much money here this 15% off won't make a difference. 

so i ordered a few small being a new dresser for farmer and me...and kaye will get our old one. it had to be done. someone in the house was going to get a new dresser and i didn't think the two year old would care all that much. she's sweet like that. 

i also managed to get a new lamp, kitchen rug...and i may have ordered a bathroom vanity in hopes it will inspire my farmer to get busy on our bathroom downstairs. 

let's have a cry-free week ladies.