here's the deal-io. see the gorgeous blonde below?

#1 - if you scroll down further you'll see she's just as smokin' with dark hair.
#2 - she has equally as cute mini-boys...and that man she snagged isn't half bad, himself.
#3 - chelsea was kind enough to realize how exhausted i am with all this pregnant whosy-whatsy and offered to take over my blog for the day. and...
#4 - if chelsea isn't careful i'm going to hire her to be a weekly guest poster. she's absolutely fantastic.

chelsea - do your thing, gal.

Guten Morgen! Ich bin Chelsea und schreib bei East Willow Grove. Wait, did I loose you? Oh so you don't speak German? Fine, I'll talk to you in English I suppose!

Whats up September FARM readers! Karli has her little pregnant feet up today and you get me instead, I'm Chelsea and I blog over at East Willow Grove. Yes I do speak German, although I'm losing it rather fast because I don't speak it nearly as much as I should!

While Karli's farmer will be surrounded by all women, I live quite the opposite life! I'm a mama to two little blonde haired, blue eyed boys. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Some might say it's very cliche that I work in the auto industry. Some might also say that I'm living life a little backwards.
You see, I started off my post high-school life in Chicago, attending fashion school but when I realized I wanted to go to a bigger university, so I packed up and moved back to Michigan. Instead of heading back east to the D, I went west to the beach {Grand Rapids} and attended Grand Valley State. Four amazing and unforgettable years flew by and I graduated with a degree in German and International business and like most, had no freaking clue what I wanted to do.
Time for the backwardness. 

11 months after the BF and I graduated college we found out we were pregnant with our first little blondie! Tracen was born a month early and was in the NICU for 10 days. We then brought him home on NYE 2010. We both landed our first "big kid jobs" a few months after. Fast forward a few and we welcomed our second little blondie, Skylor 3 weeks early at the end of July 2013. Although he was early he was a whopping 8 lbs 6 oz {imagine if I went full-term!}

Most recently, we bought our first home at the end of March and have been remodeling it ever since! There are two questions we ALWAYS get asked though:

1. Are you going to have more kids?
2. When are you going to get married?

While both are valid questions I wish people would just understand that I'm basically a blonde version of Kourtney Kardashian. Although my skin isn't as glowingly beautiful as hers and my bank account is slightly lower, we're pretty much the same people. So my answer for you my friends is, when Kourtney gets married I will. I guess this also means I should start trying to get knocked up again if I want to "keep up." All kidding aside we are very happy with our life and while we haven't followed the "normal" adult route we wouldn't change it! Plus when we do get married you will all get to see it here, cool right? right!

Moving on from marriage and more kids my blog is packed full of other topics, such as things I would tell my 18 year old self, monthly goalshome remodels, inspired makeup looks, and much more. I suppose you'd say it's the epitome of a lifestyle blog! While I love blogging I also have a huge passion for creating and editing videos for my youtube channel. Although I post mostly vlogs you will also find look books and make-up and hair related videos there as well.
Hopefully you have enjoyed a peak into my life living with a houseful of boys! Where there is never enough room for me in the bed and I drink more coffee than I should be allowed to. And Karli, if you wanna do some arranged marriages, holla atcha girl! {kidding, kinda} But for real, if you don't mind a few crap ton pictures of some cute kids, home remodeling or girly makeup and hair talk then I think we can totally be internet friends, or maybe just real friends because what's a few IP addresses in-between people anyway!
that's our gal, gals. chelsea. gorgeous. pulls off pink lipstick like no one i've ever seen. and basically more rad than i'll ever be. and don't tell my farmer she speaks german...based purely on our last name...i have a feeling he'd be into it. 

and because i don't want you to miss out on one ounce of east willow can find her all over the place!