what do you do when you get an e-mail from a gal stating that she has a saturday confessional she wants to share about a photo session she was shooting for a family and only after-the-fact realized that the dad's...ummm...privates were showing through his zipper?

answer - you let that gal take over your blog and you don't ask questions because that story just sounds too terrifying...too embarrassing to be true. but it was.

want to read it? have at it.

so what do you do when the same gal approaches you again about being a sponsor on your blog?

answer - you thank your lucky stars because you know whatever she has to say, you want to read, and you definitely want it on your pages.

well, i'm the lucky gal who gets to share her with you...not once, but twice.

gals - if you haven't met her already, meet jenny from dancin' with a dolly.

KARLI | you seem like a super fun gal...a gal i would want to spend some time with. if you were to hang out with one of your favorite bloggers for a day, what are three things you gal-faces would do? 

JENNY | i would say we'd start the day out  at the beach sipping some daiquiris. then we'd hit up a dive bar for some karaoke to get our drink on and sing on. and after stumbling out of the bar what better way to end the night than at some diner to pig out on cheese fries. as you can see, i like to drink and eat.

KARLI | that sounds like the most perfect first date. if we weren't both married with adorable little gals, i'd ask if you wanted to go steady.

how did you get started making your super-hip jewelry? what's your favorite part about making jewelry? do you have a most popular piece? 

JENNY | i always liked making jewelry because both my mom and grandma were crafty like that. i would say the past year or so i started really taking it seriously so i can do it full time. aaaaand...my boho wrap bracelets are super popular right now.
KARLI | so so so fun. i would never be able to do a photography business, a jewelry business, AND have a toddler. you're amazing. but you probably already knew this.

on the topic of being amazing - have you ever wanted to beat someone up? or like...get in a girl fight? (one time i really REALLY wanted to clock a girl at a concert. i chickened out, but wish i had at least pushed her. i'm pretty strong and feel like i could hold my own.)

JENNY | HA! i've wanted to knock a b*tch out on several occasions, but no. no physical altercations. i have had quite a few verbal brawls though. one girl was basically calling one of my besties a sl*t in front of my face, so i let one or two comments go at first, but then she didn't drop it. it's like, "hello?! i'm sitting right here!" then the verbal lashing occurred.

KARLI | ooo...i love a good verbal lashing. but it always seems to be directed at people giving poor customer service. like...baaaaaaad baaaaaad. i just lose it. i feel the temperature rise. steam probably comes out my ears. then i just badger the poor person until i get what i want. i should probably write a post about that because it sounds terrible...and it probably is. never mind.

what's the most expensive item you've purchased for yourself? (like clothing or shoes...not jewelry, house, car, etc.)

JENNY | this isn't the most expensive thing i've bought, but its the most wasteful spending. it was like a $100 pair of sunglasses. i go through like a pair a week. i either lose them or break them. these were no different. ARGH!

KARLI | ARGH! is right. i've had my bad luck with the shades, unfortunately. but the last pair i purchased i've had for like, four years. they were nice and sightly expensive, but they are beat to hell now. i can barely see through the lenses. time to drop a benjamin...or more.

where do you see yourself in five years?

JENNY | five years? i hope to live somewhere else and own a home. long island is too damn expensive. i also hope to have my own brick and mortar shop. one can dream, right?!

KARLI | okay...don't laugh please. but LONG ISLAND??! i know new york is populated, but please tell me you've had a theresa caputo sighting!! i love that gal. she's actually coming to boise but the tickets were sold out in like...32 seconds. lame.
do you have a signature recipe or cocktail you're known for?

JENNY | whelp, i cannot cook. good thing the hubby can. however, it's not really complicated, but i love mixing licorice vodka with cranberry juice. it tastes just like swedish fish. i've gotten so many people hooked.

KARLI | eeee. swedish fish. my farmer loves those things. we have a package on our counter right this minute. luckily i can walk past them...straight to the chocolate chip cookies.

so...since you live in new york, have you ever met a celebrity?

JENNY | yeppers! i was actually at countess luann de lesseps home to do her makeup for a magazine cover. you can read all about that here.

i also met snookie at a book signing and she was super sweet.

KARLI | first of all...that's ridic. that gal is a real housewife of new york! secondly...i have the tank top she's wearing in the shoot. it's from banana republic. it doesn't look good on me right now for very obvious reasons. lastly...SNOOKIE??! so jealous. snookie is a guilty pleasure. don't judge, but i follow her instagram and i've certainly seen all seasons of the jersey shore AND snookie + j. woww. we all have our vices.

i wish this wasn't the last question. i can't get enough of you, but...can you tell us a little about your man and your daaaaahling daughter?
JENNY | my hubby is awesome. so awesome that my daughter likes him so much better than me. haha! just kidding. but, she is a daddy's girl! we are super family-oriented and like to include her in a lot, but we also like to have some time to get our party on. like that time the hubs was intoxicated and thought he was spidermand and tried to scale the wall of the bar and fell of like a two story building. and no, we weren't kids. it was like two years ago. try explaining that one.

KARLI | my farmer and your hubby should hang out. what's with drinking and climbing things? sheesh.

well gal, thank you so so so much for coming to the pages of September FARM for a second time. i love love having you!

and gals...jenny love you! she loves you so much, in fact, that she's offering 50% off ad spaces. just use the code DANCE.

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