so...i think it's safe to say that being pregnant isn't like...super duper fun at a wedding.

you can't dance hard.
you can't drink hard.
and you get full super fast resulting in far fewer trips to the dessert table than what one might prefer.

(don't get me wrong...i was able to get quite a few  down, but not as many i would have liked.)

regardless, put a gal in some fresh air, sans turtle and you've got yourself a recipe for relaxation.

but let me back up.
our little getaway started in denver where we met up with some of my farmer's very best college buddies...and let me say, what a wonderful group of guys. pretty nerdy, but wonderful nonetheless. and by nerdy, i mean they were all part of the nerdy fraternity in college. literally. but it paid off! now they are engineers, lawyers, president of a company, pharmaceutical/medical sales (that one doesn't sound nerdy, but he's nerdy)...and a farmer (but he was an engineer).
see? total nerds.

so we started in denver at a rockies game - they won.
the next day we made our way a few hours south (i think) towards a little town called divide, co. but before we got there, during one of my 20 bathroom stops we stopped at a little tourist attraction called garden of the gods. if we had explored more, there were some pretty fantastic hikes, but i just needed the bathroom.
we checked into our little vrbo find and it was so lovely! the very best part is all you had to do was walk through a few gates and across a pasture of llamas to get to the wedding site where all the festivities were going down, like a little campfire and s'mores. yes please.
the next day was even more chill than the previous. we took full advantage of being turtle-free and headed a few miles into a larger town for delicious starbucks and doughnuts. i also snagged myself a cute mug as a little memento. i love starbucks mugs. they are giant.

after getting sufficiently hopped up on caffeine and sugar we went for a walk/jog, took no pictures, my farmer ditched me in the woods...and then it was time to get ready for the wedding. (seriously...apparently my walk/jog wasn't sufficient enough of a pace for the groom and my farmer. i was totally abandoned on the trail. harsh.)
but then, it was wedding time. we made our way through the gates, llamas, and pasture...drinks in hand.
the wedding was stunning (after a five minute downpour).
the bride and groom are absolutely fantastically, wonderful, top-notch people. we couldn't have been more thrilled to celebrate with them.
the wedding details were perfectly mountain-inspired, DIY.
did i mention the food and desserts were delicious?

oh...and my farmer missed our gal so much he coerced four little girls into dancing with him. i would have been jealous, but i was too full.
on our last day we said our goodbyes and headed back to the airport. i'd like to say we never wanted our vay-cay to end, but that would be such a lie. we missed our turtle so so so much. it was absolute heaven to get her back in my arms.
regardless, it's strongly recommended that you steal your man away for getaways like this. i know these things...i'm a doctor. (i'm not a doctor.)

changing gears.

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