it's friday. sweet sweet friday. does it get sweeter? it definitely does, but for now...let's relish in the joy of the entire weekend staring us straight in the face.

(and my farmer and i are turtle free.)

(sidebar - we miss her terribly...but we don't. but we do. we definitely do.)

but of course...we have a little work to do, like getting our oh hey, friday! posts linked up. 

here's the drill:

1 | write up a little post about five things. anythings. five dreams. five things that happened this past week. five goals. five of your favorite recipes...literally anything you want. 

2 | head back over here and enter your link at the bottom of this post.

3 | link back to our blogs and/ or add the oh hey, friday! button (found just below) by copying the HTML into the HTML section of your post  so that others can link up as well! that's it. now get busy.
1 | did you happen to see my little call for help yesterday? if you didn't, you can see the post in it's entirety here. otherwise, allow me to summarize:
basically what farmer and i are asking for is just a small little favor. i mean...really miniscule. can you help us name our baby? see what i'm saying? just a small task.

so far the response has been amazing and there are so so so many good ideas. names that we are definitely considering, which is so exciting. so...

seriously...i'm not asking for you to divulge your #1 girl name...but maybe you could share your second or third pick? we have exactly zero names picked we're a little late to the party.

just leave a little comment. or you can e-mail me. or you can twitter me. or facebook me. you have options. but please please help us. the struggle is real.
2 | on a completely unrelated note, september is RIGHT around the corner. september also happens to be my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! i'm getting excited over here...can you tell? i'd love to do september up real REAL good...which means i want to have a big giveaway here on the blog. this is also why i'm offering 30% off my gal-face group giveaway spots. just use the code GIVEAWAY30.

if a feature is more your deal...don't be afraid to check out the other spots...they all get you in on the group giveaway...or your own!

3 | call me mom of the year or whatever...but i was honestly considering skipping any sort of birthday celebration for our dear, sweet turtle this year. i mean...she's only turning two. which is exactly my point! she's turning TWO!! and she's becoming a big sister. this is a big deal people. so...i sucked it up and started doing a little party prep...because i know the closer i get to october, the less i'll want to do.
now, i'm no whiz with photoshop or design in general...but i was able to jazz together this little invitation, which will fit the chalkboard theme perfectly...with dashes of pink + mint. i'll also be having a lot of fun trying to figure out how to design some cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and more than likely a birthday banner. i have to figure out how to waste my time during her three hour naps somehow. i certainly don't want to clean.

4 | and in case you missed it...farmer and i both forgot our anniversary last week. but good news...we're in denver now (for a lovely couple's wedding) and he's promised me lots of romance and kissy pictures to make up for our faulty memories.

tonight we went to a rockies game (fresh off the plane...the plane ride from hell) and just like that...kissy-face pictures. plus we're super photogenic, so we've got that going for us.
tomorrow is the wedding + reception. i have high hopes that my farmer will be spinning my pregnant self across the dance floor. my farmer...he's got moves you've never seen.

ultimately, i hope our weekend will be worth recapping for you.

5 | breaking bad. am i the very last person on the planet to finish this series? i finally knocked out the finale on the treadmill on thursday. it was all i could do to keep from yelling, "shoot them! shoot them all! shoot them with no mercy. die. die! DIE!" brought out the most violent parts of me. ultimately what i'm saying here is...if you haven't seen this show, watch it. love it. get violent with it. don't do meth.
oh...and another show i'm loving right now: jersey belle on bravo.

happy friday you fine fine ladies...and my dad...and my farmer. (the only two men who might read my blog.)