calling your attention to oh hey, friday! tomorrow! don't forget. don't you ever ever forget.

i mean...i guess you can forget or not participate or whatever. but know i'll cry a single tear.

okay! moving on.
so...this past week my sister and her main man have been in town (mainly to participate in the nuptials i've been posting about...kelli was a bridesmaid) and we made our way to my very most favorite town in idaho, mccall.

it's been quite picturesque at a sweltering 75º each day. i mean...i absolutely hate wearing grandma cardigans with leggings. hate it...said me never.
the only thing not picturesque about our getaway was that farmer wasn't able to getaway with us, which is more than a little bit of a bummer. we always miss him so much. i mean...not only do i miss miss him, but i also miss the help i get with kaye. that girl has really tested my patience this week. i 100% cannot wait to not be pregnant so that i will stop crying on the days she's the worst. girlfriend doesn't need to see her mom that emotional that often. poor, little turtle.
but, her epic epic fits are nothing a little milkshake can't solve...which was exactly the route i took this evening. the condo we're staying in is right downtown and from our balcony i can see one of the most popular, if not the most popular restaurant. it's called my father's place, and the milkshakes are to die for. i always go for the cherry oreo and i never regret it. so tonight, after turtle was tucked tightly in bed i took two skips and a jump across the street and snagged myself one of those delectable delights...and within three minutes i was back at our condo mowing down oreos and artificial cherry flavoring like it was my job.

no. more. tears. all problems in the world were solved in the time it took me to reach the bottom of my cup.
but getaways aren't just about milkshakes. sometimes they are about daily walks by the lake, playground time, hanging with papa and nana, deer sightings outside the cabin, and swimming around in a bathtub nearly as big as a pool. (seriously...we have zero bathtubs on the farm, just showers, so when turtle gets to take a bath it's a luxury.)
for the rest of our getaway i have big plans to eat a cinnamon roll the size of my face...and...and...i guess that's it.

so everyone, enjoy your thursday with happy happy thoughts that tomorrow is oh hey, friday! (because i'm sure that's something that will help get you through your thursday...thought no one ever.)