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1 | i've had two family members tell me now that they are scared for me because they don't know how kaye will react to this second turtle. let me tell you...this isn't exactly the best thing to tell someone a few months out from giving birth.

besides...there are three options:
  • option 1 - kaye will suck for a little bit and be super jealous. 
  • option 2 - kaye will be super turtle-tastic and just go with the flow of having another turtle in the house. 
  • option 3 - kaye will be jealous and super turtle-tastic.
i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's going to be a mix. and you know what. it's okay if kaye freaks...i'll be freaking too over the adjustment of having a newborn in the house again. besides...i have a farmer as my secret weapon. we're going to be fine. you hear that family? we're (and kaye) going to be fine.

ps. kaye isn't the first kid in the universe to have a younger sibling.

2 | my younger sister just had a little muffin of her own. unfortunately that little muffin was breach and had to be delivered cesarean style. because kaye was a "normal" (read: vag) birth, this never even crossed my mind as a possibility for round two. the due date approaches i'm coming to the realization that turtle 2.0 could be breach. please please don't be breach.

3 | if you weren't reading this here blog a few years ago you would never know that when i first started nursing kaye i had some SERIOUS issues. it was terrible and i would never wish it for any mom. if you want to read the full story, check out my posts here and here.

or, if you would like a snap shot, just know i had a lump the size of a golfball in my left breast because of some milk that wasn't able to get out (no, it wasn't mastitis). it was called a golactocele. it turned into a terrible infection. i got really sick. blah blah.

basically, i just hope that it doesn't happen again. stupid boobs.

4 | fast forward to when turtle 2.0 isn't quite so squeaky new. is she going to be just. like. kaye? dear god, save me. can i really handle another gal that walks at nine months? what about a gal that throws the most epic epic fits i've ever seen? or the worst thought of all...what if they don't like each other? they have to like each other. as in...i'm counting on them being besties.

on the flip-side - what if i get another turtle that naps 3+ hours a day and sleeps 13 hours at night? what if i have a turtle with a veracious appetite who isn't really picky and will eat most anything? what if i have two turtles who are exactly the same and i fall even more madly in love with each of them?

i'll basically be the luckiest gal in the world.

5 | as for my final fear...what if i don't have enough time to blog (gasp!) after this second one arrives? okay...that's totally lame. i could i not blog about my two gals? honor of two turtles, in honor of this blog still plugging along, and in honor of it being MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! i'm throwing out some discount codes for ad spaces all over the place:

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