first and first and gals sure do know how to make a fellow gal feel special.

thank you x 1,000,000 for all the birthday wishes. it was definitely a fun one. i DID get spoiled. i laughed a lot. it was a great day. yay september.

we're also up to bat with another oh hey, friday! which i just can't seem to get enough of. so much so, that i'm here at 11 pm on my birthday thinking about eeeeking out a post.

you're right. i just realized i'm too sleepy for that. so for now, just get yourself linked up. i'll be back in a few to get my five written down.

if you're's the bizz -

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1 | what do you do when one of your very most favorite people comes to visit your farm for five days?

answer - you basically have the best birthday week ever.

plus woody lives in LA, so it was pretty important that we give this city mouse some tastes of farm livin'.

but here, here, and here as a reminder of who woody is.

okay, he's hysterical, right?

so farmer and i did our very best to entertain him while he sang for his supper. we took him to explore old, dangerous equipment on the farm, naturally.

this obviously turned into farm touring in itself.

during that outing, kaye ran wild.
2 | we took the boat out one. last. time. i think the weather is going to turn soon...but it was wonderful to get on the water. especially because turtle had her first experience riding behind the boat. she loved it.
3 | and i had my first experience of pulling my farmer and holding a toddler at the same time. kaye was supposed to sit with woody. she LOVES woody. but she was a little more than a little concerned that her farmer was in the water. it just didn't sit well with her. 
so woody continued to not look at the camera...
and i drove. 
actually, woody manned the camera and snapped these sweet pictures. i especially love the shot of kaye waving to her farmer as he skied. 
4 | and my birthday. what's a birthday where you don't eat and eat and eat and eat? (especially when you're pregnant.)

my farmer had to stay on the farm to, you know, make us a living. as party of my birthday present, he also took turtle for the day so woody and i could head into boise. woody was an absolute trooper and did whatever i wanted. 

we ate lunch at one of my favorite places. we did a little shopping at the north face store. we saw a movie, the giver. then we headed to the mall so i could get myself some new shades. we finished off our "girl's day" with some pedicures. and while i couldn't talk woody into a pedicure, he wasn't above the massage chair and the beer they there's that. 
then we met up with my farmer, ryan, and amy for a delicious dinner. there they surprised me with a beautiful cake. 
and i still managed to pack down some ice cream to round out the night. 
31 - you're not looking so bad.

5 | and because it's still my birthday month...same drill! ad discounts all over the place!