may or may have read that i attended one of my best gal's weddings on sunday evening. it was downtown in the big city at one of the most delicious restaurants i've ever been to, berryhill & co. pretty swanky, to say the least. i also tried to become besties with professional photographer so that soon-ish i'll be able to post all the absolutely amazing details of this city chic wedding. 
but for now...i have to show you my night by way of photo booth. couldn't keep me out of this thing if you tried. as in...i would have fought the bride if she attempted to get in before me. i was in it to win it. plus i dug the lighting and the lack of wrinkles that showed up on my face. it was complimentary and forgiving in my opinion. 
and while i'm not above taking 25 selfies of my friends and's definitely way more fun to include props and have your picture taken. know what i'm sayin'?

obviously i wasn't "here for the beer," although i would have liked to have been. #irony

also, people...please checkout that hashtag in the center photo above. clever, right? #magina2014...pronounced like get the idea. it's a combo of the bride and groom's names. i WISH i could take credit for it's cleverness. moving on...
you know what doesn't suck about photo booths? boys don't don't mind getting their picture taken anymore! i know this because my farmer hates posing for pictures with me. hates, hates, and loathes. but throw a photo booth in the mix (and like seven whiskey shots) have yourself a farmer who is not camera shy. 
let's also give a shoutout to my sister and her husband. that's not a bad looking couple. i'm not above tooting their horn. 
my sister basically owns the kissy face pose. i mean...if it isn't broken, don't fix it, right? 

kelli...never smile in a picture again. kissy faces only. your cheekbones don't quit.
karli, you can stop making the kissy face in pictures. also...stop posing with alcohol when pregnant. 

lastly, and by far most importantly...a huge hug, kiss, squeeze, kiss, shoutout, hug to the amazing couple who made the amazing evening so incredible. not only was it an absolute blast, but definitely made that much better because you're loved so so much. 

and the fact that you're this good-looking doesn't hurt a thing.