i want to take you fine folk on a trip of yesteryear.

you see...i felt inspired this week because one of my very bestie-besties is getting married. her name is gina...and we go back. well...just back to 2001, but that's darn near 15 years (13 years) which is practically 20 years. see...that's a long time.

so gina...as avid of a reader of my blog you are, enjoy this dedication, but first...

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1 | gina and i have many-a-memory together...and why most of those memories involve libations and bad decisions...well, that's just something we're going to embrace - that our friendship was largely built on one or both of us being wa-wa-wasted. not to mention...i was carrying about 20 extra pounds in my face alone.
2 | to give you a touch of background, gina started as besties with my sister...but being the awesome annoying little sister that i am...i wedged my way firmly into their friend group. when gina and my sister lived in boston together, i decided i should live in boston too...for at least a few months.
since then, we've gotten comfortable enough to wear comfy pants after we've eaten too much, run on the same relay team most every year, and i even got to witness my gal wakeboard for the very first time. 
3 | gina also loves my farmer nearly as much as i do. at least that's what i noticed as i was looking through all these oldies. hands off gina. need i remind you you're becoming a mrs. in a few days?
that's her groom, matt, on the right
4 | the very best part of our twisted, intoxicated friendship is that her groom and i used to hang out. it's true. i tried to date him. but he just didn't have eyes for me...or something like that. so after i moved on to my farmer these two lovebirds started getting love-birdy-ish...and they never looked back. well...maybe one time they looked back...i think.
it was probably after matt saw the way gina manhandled this bull during one of our pub-golf outings. girlfriend takes no prisoners. 
5 | so on sunday...many many of our friends will be gathered from all over the country to celebrate this good-looking couple.
i have to say...i'm pretty excited (read - disappointed) that i'll be as big as a house and as sober as i've ever been with this gal. but at least i'll remember their big day of celebration...and that's saying something.
xo gina + matt.

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