i have some fun bizz going on today for the blog. i get to introduce an idaho gal! so obviously she's near and dear to my heart. above and beyond that...she's known my farmer since they were just young. (what i wouldn't give to know my farmer as a pre-teen...i can only imagine.) anyway...

brianna is here on the blog today to teach us all about a company she is involved with called healthy home company. girlfriend is passionate about what healthy home company offers to keep our nearest and dearest safe and toxin free.

brianna was also sweet enough to send me some goodies to try around my own home...and no complaints here!

obviously my very most favorite is called clean. it's a 10 in 1 product that you can spray on everything. and since i'm a clean-spraying machine...well...it rocked. and the orange scent didn't get old either.
the other product i'm already on board with is the sunscreen. with the amount of outside time we log i'm constantly worried about making sure kaye is covered up. and now that i'm going to have a young muffin tagging along...times that worry by 1000. 

if you haven't heard the rumors...there's some pretty nasty stuff in your run-of-the-mill sunscreen and babies aren't even supposed to wear sunscreen until after they are six months old. 

but if it's a product that's all natural and toxin-free...well why not. 

i've been slathering it on the turtle for the past few weeks and no complaints. that's a win here on the farm. 
anyway...i'd love for you all to get to know brianna better as well as healthy home company, so have a read of our little q + a below!

KARLI | brianna - before we really dive in, tell us about yourself.

BRIANNA | i've been married for 10 1/2 years now. i married my high school sweetheart! we have two kids: jayce, 4 and callen, 2.

my husband and i are both hard workers. he works for dex media and i work for a company called heart 'n home hospice as a volunteer coordinator and program rep. on the side, i am building a healthy home business.

KARLI | why did you get involved with the healthy home company? how did you first hear about them?

BRIANNA | a sorority sister of mine showed me a video called the toxic 12 and i was read to get involved with healthy home right away. i had no idea ll the harmful chemicals that we use on a daily basis, especially the cancer causing chemicals that i was using on my children! as soon as i  learned, i haven't been the same! i have a great time sharing the mission of the healthy home company to my friends and family. i love that i don't have to sell anything. i just present the information and people are usually very excited for a one-stop-shop for all things toxic-free.
KARLI | i really need to get my act together. the message you're sharing here is so important and simple. i mean...it's just about healthier living.

so...i'm guessing you're probably really into ALL the products, but which are your very very most favorite? if someone were just getting started and didn't want to spend a bunch, which would you direct them to?

BRIANNA | i DO love all the products! i would suggest starting with the sanitizer. (i don't leave home without it.) you know, kids are playing and they fall down...use the sanitizer. then at normal places like bathrooms, walmart carts, animal bad breath, eye wash (if you have bad allergies)...really i spray this stuff on EVERYTHING. (i'm kind of like the windex grandpa from my big fat greek wedding.)
i would also recommend clean, which is a 10 in 1 cleaner. you can use it for windows, floors, dishes, laundry...just one product needs to be under your sink or laundry room cabinet. it's absolutely amazing stuff.
and my third favorite is called remedy. this replaces neosporin or any bug bite, diaper rash ointments, etc. my son had really bad excema and it's soooo much better with this. my husband had loss of pigment on his forehead and this has cleared it up dramatically! i have also heard it helps with shingles and psoriasis. see...amazing stuff! the best part about toxic-free is that you can really try them on anything and it doesn't matter!

KARLI | well...what with welcoming a new baby gal in just days...i can tell you i'm sold. i think for me it's just about changing my mind-set regarding convenience. but just a little extra effort can make a difference in our home...the place my girls and i spend SO MUCH TIME.

i'd love to read more. is there a newsletter or e-mail subscription people can get on?

BRIANNA | yes! if your readers just want to e-mail me with any questions or would like to get on our mailing list for monthly specials or learning about new products, i can help with that.


you gals. i can't emphasize to you how passionate brianna is about her venture with healthy home company. she's on a mission to share their message about removing toxins from our daily lives. 

now...obviously we can't control everything, but there are adjustments we are capable of making. and if it makes us healthier in the long run...why not, right? no-brainer. 

brianna was also nice enough to offer September FARM readers a chance to win some goodies!

all you have to do is check out the healthy home company site and ask a question regarding one of the products in the comment section - simple as that!

there will be one grand prize winner of a $20 healthy home company credit to spend on your product of choice, and three additional winners will receive a spray bottle of clean.

thanks brianna!

(contest will run until october 29, 12 am MST. winner(s) will be selected at random and contacted within two days via e-mail.)