i'm not really sure what planet i was on thinking i had a shot in hell at having this turtle 2.0 early. i've said it the entire pregnancy...she's JUST like her sister. and sister was 11 days late and still wasn't ready to arrive...so she was evicted.

well sister...get ready for your eviction notice because i am NOT going 11 days over with you. been there, done that...and i'm not a fan.

39 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | sit tight...let me go weigh myself. 

oh...what happens when you throw a birthday party that involved cake, cupcakes, and cakepops? you gain weight. hello 17 pounds up.

17 pounds is nothing to be mad about...unless those last two pounds were gained purely in sugar consumption. nobody would be impressed with my diet as of late. 

however...i got my shiz together last night and made us quinoa taco bowls for dinner, so there's something to be said for that. tonight we'll probably have life cereal.  

SYMPTOMS | i swear i'm having contractions. right? i have to be. except i'm not. i asked amy to feel my belly the other day convinced it was a contraction and she said, "no karli, that's definitely a baby. that's a baby's body part." 

so according to dr. amy, i'm not having contractions. however, i AM having some pretty intense pressure on my lower abdomen all the time. don't get excited, because this still doesn't mean labor is near. i felt this same pressure when i was pregnant with kaye. 

SIZE OF BABY | last week doctor timothy said the baby was probably hitting the seven pound mark and 19 inches. 

SLEEP | sleep. i miss you. let's have a rendezvous soon-ish? 

but seriously...i remember sleeping WAY better after kaye was born. it's just so damn uncomfortable right now. and the five zombie walks to the bathroom a night are a pain. and getting in and out of bed is a chore. and and...i'm over it.

not to mention...kaye woke up at 5 am this morning yelling, "HI! HI!" which is actually super cute and made farmer and me laugh...but since she normally sleeps until 7:30 am it definitely caught us off guard. 

apparently if i'm not sleeping...she's not sleeping. team-player.

WORKOUTS | so, last week i mentioned that it was too painful to continue to workout. well...i've changed my mind. if working out raises my chances in any way of having girlfriend early i'm going to do it. 

i'm back on the treadmill, just a lot slower. i try to get in about 60 minutes of walking several days a week. besides...i'm about to embark on at least a few weeks of physical activity...so i'll embrace these last few days.
CLOTHING | let's not even talk about it. my hue leggings are officially WAY TOO TIGHT around the mid-section to be any sort of comfortable. my maternity jeans are too baggy after five minutes so i'm constantly pulling them up...which is beyond annoying. and obviously i'm not going to buy anything new at this point...so i'm down to yoga pants and my farmer's t-shirts. it's depressing. (except for today. today i put on the baggies and a scarf so i could take the appropriate 39 week selfies.)

GENDER | pink is the word.

CRIES THIS WEEK | no cries. i thought for sure i would get overwhelmed getting ready for kaye's party last week and let a few tears fall...but i didn't. super impressed with myself. so far this has been a WAY less emotional pregnancy...and for that i'm grateful. 
PURCHASES | last week when i was waiting for farmer to make it to the big city to take me on a little date, i popped into anthropologie and just happened to find a few wall accessories to jazz up the nursery. i snagged some wall hooks and a porthole mirror. 
now i just need to order some maternity session prints to fill the frames. i'd also love to find a little art piece to go above the changing table...because that wall is bare bones. 
don't mind kaye. she can very successfully climb in and out of this crib in 10 seconds flat. 
CHECKLIST | we're in business people! this week i actually marked some goodies off the list! 

i decorated our porch (kind of) for fall, complete with hay bales and corn stalk bunches, farmer packed his hospital bag, our infant carseat is completely clean and ready to be installed, and i even designed a faux birth announcement with picture placeholders. things are happening.
and that brings us to the 39th week with no signs of baby...and a semi-positive attitude. 

wait wait...i'm having a contraction. no, that's the baby getting cozy.